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Toshiba Launches Large-current Control Photorelays in Small Packages

July 8, 2016
By Business Wire News


Toshiba Corporation’s (TOKYO:6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of large-current control photorelays, for currents in the range of 1.7A to 4A, in 2.54SOP4 and 2.54SOP6 small packages. Shipments start from today. Applications for the new line-up of four products, TLP3106, TLP3107, TLP3109 and TLP3127, include programmable logic controllers (PLC), battery management systems (BMS) and factory automation inverters. The new photorelays utilize Toshiba’s latest generation trench MOSFETs to control large currents at levels equivalent those usually handled by mechanical relays[1]. Compared to mechanical relays, which have mechanical contacts, photorelays have the advantages of producing less noise and no deterioration caused by the contacts wearing.

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Toshiba: Large-current control photorelays in 2.54SOP4 and 2.54SOP6 small packages (Photo: Business  ...

Toshiba: Large-current control photorelays in 2.54SOP4 and 2.54SOP6 small packages (Photo: Business Wire)

In the case of the new 2A product, TLP3109, use of a 2.54SOP6 package reduces mounting volume by approximately 40% and the product height by approximately 50%, against Toshiba previous products in DIP packages. The small size allows mounting on the back surface of printed circuit boards and can contribute to smaller sets. Furthermore, the line-up includes products with terminal voltages (blocking voltages) of up to 100V for use in various applications.

Main Specifications

Part Number   Package   Absolute Maximum Ratings  

RON typ.


IOFF max.






TLP3106 2.54SOP6 30 4 1500 0.02 20
TLP3107 60 3.3 0.03
TLP3109 100 2 0.04
TLP3127   2.54SOP4   60   1.7     0.08   10

[1] Small capacity, small-size mechanical relays for printed circuit boards.

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