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Test Devices, Inc. Introduces Optical Strain Measurement Service

June 27, 2016
By Business Wire News


Test Devices, Inc. has announced a new optical strain measurement service, applying the measurement technique to high-speed rotational components.

Test Devices’ customers can now capture strain data over a full component during spin testing. Optical strain measurement can measure and record surface strain at thousands of locations simultaneously. Collected data can act as a standalone resource, or supplement traditional measurements.

“The new application of optical strain measurement to rotational testing results from progress in computational capacity and image analysis techniques. Optical strain measurement used to be limited to static parts, but now we can apply it to obtain non-contact images of the full strain field for high-speed components such as compressor and turbine rotors,” said H. Eric Sonnichsen, Chairman and Owner of Test Devices. “Test Devices is developing improvements to make optical strain measurement an economical industry solution with a wide range of high-speed testing and production applications.”

High-value data available through optical strain measurement is ideal for evaluating small or complex component features such as turbine blades and impellers.

As a non-contact technique, optical strain measurement eliminates the costly, time-consuming process associated with bonding of strain gages and lead wires in traditional testing. Data accrued during optical strain measurement is less likely to be compromised, as gage detachment is not a factor.

The new technique offers greater applicability. Optical strain measurement equipment can be set up in stand-off positions or outside of a test chamber, if sightline ports are available. This enables strain measurement during testing under extreme conditions including high temperatures and aggressive environments that would damage gages during traditional testing.

Optical strain measurement reduces the guesswork inherent to traditional strain measurement techniques. The strain map generated with an optical system provides a richer and more complete picture of any component deformation.


For over 30 years, Test Devices, Inc. has been the world’s premier source for R+D testing, production testing and test equipment. Test Devices provides advanced spin testing services to developers and producers of high-speed rotational components of jet engines, gas turbines, medical centrifuges, machine tools, industrial compressors, and high-speed electric motors, and more.

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