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Terrestrial Energy Announces Appointment of Internationally-Recognized Authority on Sustainability to International Advisory Board

November 30, 2015
By Marketwired News

NEW YORK, NEW YORK–(Marketwired – Nov. 30, 2015) – Terrestrial Energy announces the appointment of Ben Heard of Australia to its International Advisory Board. Mr. Heard is a globally recognized authority on climate change mitigation and corporate sustainability. He has advised large and small corporations on climate and sustainability matters.

This appointment demonstrates the Company’s core commitment to developing commercially-viable, sustainable, clean-energy technology that can rapidly drive global decarbonization of the primary energy system. Mr. Heard is a thought leader in ecological issues, who strongly advocates for advanced nuclear technology as an essential part of the climate solution.

Ben Heard is a principal of Australian-based consultancy, ThinkClimate Consulting, and popular analyst and commentator through Decarbonise SA, where he provides research, analysis, and strategy development in sustainability and climate change to the private sector. He has advised large corporations on a range of climate, sustainability and stakeholder consultation challenges. Mr. Heard has taught sustainability and climate change at University of Adelaide, where he is also pursuing his PhD in Clean Energy Systems and Advanced Nuclear. Mr. Heard has a Masters in Corporate Sustainability Management from Monash University in Victoria, Australia.

Simon Irish, chief executive of Terrestrial Energy, commented on the appointment:

“The energy industry is at a crossroads created by fuel ecological impact and policy response. Terrestrial Energy’s IMSR technology has game-changing ecological ramifications for the energy industry and these require expert handling. Terrestrial Energy is therefore delighted to be working with Mr. Heard in this capacity. He is one of today’s ecological and sustainability thought leaders, and will assist the Company with one of its core objectives: to demonstrate that Terrestrial Energy is a leading industrial energy innovator that is addressing the central problems of climate change and energy sustainability.”

About Terrestrial Energy

Terrestrial Energy is developing a next-generation nuclear reactor based on its Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) technology. The IMSR represents true innovation in cost and functionality. It will offer reliable power solutions for electricity production, both on- and off-grid, and also energy for industrial process heat generation. These together extend the applicability of nuclear energy far beyond its current footprint. With this profile, the IMSR is capable of driving the rapid global decarbonization of the primary energy system by displacing fossil fuel combustion across a broad front. It is complementary to renewable power sources and ideal for distributed power systems on existing grids. Using an innovative design and proven Molten Salt Reactor technology, the IMSR can be brought to global markets next decade. Terrestrial Energy is currently developing its IMSR commercial demonstration power plant for deployment in Canada.

Terrestrial Energy will be represented at COP21 in Paris, France, the week of December 7, 2015. COP21 is the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP21 is the largest climate change conference to-date. Terrestrial Energy is proud to be taking part, and ensuring the rightful position of advanced nuclear technology as a significant agent of decarbonization. The Company is registered for the Sustainability Innovation Forum, which is an event organized by the United Nations Environment Programme. SIF15 is the largest side event of COP21, and the largest business-focused event at COP21. The Company’s advisors are also engaged in various speaking engagement in the Generation Climat section, within Le Bourget.

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