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Terramera Closes Financing Led By Seed 2 Growth Ventures

May 20, 2016
By Business Wire News

VANCOUVER, British Columbia

Seed 2 Growth Ventures (S2G), a Chicago-based VC that has quickly become the leader in sustainable food and agriculture investments, has led an investment in Vancouver-based Terramera, Inc. Both companies are aligned in their focus to support sustainable agriculture while increasing farm yields. Other key investors in the financing include ACA Investments (affiliate of Sumitomo Corporation), Bold Capital Partners, Renewal Funds and Maumee Ventures.

“Terramera is very proud to be working with S2G Ventures as our lead investor in this recent round of financing,” said Terramera CEO, Karn Manhas. “Terramera develops safer, more effective solutions for public health, sustainable food production, and bee health, by harnessing the power of natural plant defenses with innovative green chemistry. This investment allows us to continue our rapid growth, fund products to get to market, and support Terramera’s advancement as a sustainable technology leader.”

By studying plants that have evolved highly-effective defenses against pests and disease, Terramera has developed proprietary platforms that stabilize and deliver complex plant biochemicals, such as cold-pressed neem and other plant-extracts. (Neem is a tropical evergreen tree native to South Asia. Neem extracts have been used in human health care, hair, skin and dental care, traditional medicine and environmental uses for thousands of years.) Terramera’s Inspirium® Technology increases the efficiency and performance of biological materials, allowing them to perform more efficiently. The result is products that work better than today’s synthetic conventional chemicals at protecting against pests and disease; and in agriculture, products that promote plant health and increase farm yields.

Terramera’s consumer line, Proof, includes the only EPA-registered products that are 100% effective against bed bugs and their eggs. Terramera’s agricultural products, under development, increase sustainability and profitability of conventional farms, and can help farmers profitably transition to organic.

“Biopesticides and biofertilizers, which currently represent a small but growing part of the agriculture inputs market, are the next frontier for sustainable agriculture. One of the key issues holding back quicker adoption has been performance. Terramera has developed a technology that solves that, allowing current biologics to perform more effectively,” said Sanjeev Krishnan, Managing Director, S2G Ventures. “Terramera is uniquely positioned to lead the market with technology and products that are natural, highly-effective and most importantly, more economically beneficial to farmers. S2G Ventures is excited to partner with Terramera and help them scale. It’s a natural fit.”

About Terramera

Terramera ( is an Ag-Bio CleanTech leader developing high-performance plant-based solutions as alternatives to conventional chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Terramera creates healthy, safe environments free of toxic chemicals, and makes sustainable and organic farming cheaper, more productive and abundant.

PROOF, Terramera’s revolutionary consumer bed bug solution, is the only EPA-registered product 100% effective against dust mites, bed bugs and their eggs. PROOF Spray is available at The Home Depot and select Walmart stores across America. Learn more about Terramera and our products: | | |

About Seed To Growth Ventures

S2G ( looks for companies that can take leadership positions in emerging and fast growing sectors in food and agriculture. Our investments span companies delivering solutions across the system, from production to access to demand. S2G makes investments uniquely from “soil to shelf” finding the inflection points where innovation and capital can better align the food system to meet consumer demands.

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