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Tell Your Water Heater to Take a Vacation

July 15, 2015
By Business Wire News


GE (NYSE: GE) Appliances is adding another product, the GeoSpring hybrid water heater, to its growing list of appliances consumers can control using IFTTT, an online service that allows users to create powerful connections between apps or websites and Wi-Fi-connected products they love. In June 2015, GEA announced its partnership with IFTTT and introduced the GE Appliances Cooking channel.

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GE Appliances and IFTTT released the GE Appliances GeoSpring(TM) channel to help owners connect thei ...

GE Appliances and IFTTT released the GE Appliances GeoSpring(TM) channel to help owners connect their hot water heater to apps and other connected devices. (Photo: GE)

Now, GEA and IFTTT are launching the GE Appliances GeoSpring channel to help owners connect the GeoSpring to more than 100 apps and connected devices including Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and Dropbox. This connectivity will give GeoSpring owners, who on average already save over $375 on energy bills every year, even more control over the hybrid water heater.* From texting the water heater to switch to vacation mode to selecting the most efficient operating mode based on GPS data, the latest GEA channel helps consumers control their savings and comfort.

“Why ask your water heater to continue heating water when you’re away?” asks Jared Hatfield, server architect for the Wi-Fi-connected appliances team at GEA. “Using the GeoSpring channel, you can give your water heater and your energy bill a break.”

Recipes without food

IFTTT members can concoct recipes, or directions, for how their apps will respond to certain circumstances. For example, IFTTT users can automatically log Fitbit results into a Google spreadsheet or get a tweet when their GE oven is preheated. Using the GeoSpring channel, IFTTT users can create their own recipes or use one of the six already created. “The GeoSpring is the most efficient electric water heater on the market,” says Hatfield. “Now, you can easily customize that efficiency based on your lifestyle using the GeoSpring’s IFTTT channel.”

If your household routine includes morning showers for the whole crew, then use the already-created recipe to put your water heater in boost mode at 6 a.m. every day. If you set your Nest thermostat to “away,” then use the IFTTT recipe to put your GeoSpring into vacation mode at the same time.

“We’ve empowered owners to extend and customize their GE Appliance experience through IFTTT,” says Hatfield. “From simply scheduling actions using the Date & Time channel to building custom integrations using the Maker channel, we are excited to pioneer appliance connectivity in the home.” GE’s Cooking and GeoSpring channels are a warm-up to the company’s plan to introduce a complete line of IFTTT channels that will complement the upcoming GEA Wi-Fi Connect product line.

Six GeoSpring recipes ready to use

As mentioned, GE Appliances created a few recipes IFTTT users can copy.

  • Set the GeoSpring in boost mode every morning.
  • Put GeoSpring in vacation mode every weekend.
  • Place GeoSpring in vacation mode when your Nest thermostat is set to away.
  • Send a text message to put GeoSpring into vacation mode.
  • Get an email reminder when it’s time to change your air filter.
  • Set your water heater mode when you get home.

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IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this, then that. The IFTTT community can create if this then that connections, called recipes, between lots of different applications, called Channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail and others. IFTTT also works with devices like the Nest Thermostat and Protect, Fitbit, UP wristband by Jawbone, and the Philips Hue bulb. For a more comprehensive overview of IFTTT, see our about page.

*Based on DOE test procedure and comparison of a 50-gallon standard electric tank water heater using 4646 kWh per year vs. the GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater using 1514 kWh per year.

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