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Tan Delta: Mining Company to Save over One Million Dollars in Annual Operating Costs by Simultaneously Reducing Equipment Servicing and Increasing Reliability.

June 26, 2015
By Business Wire News


Following an extensive trial, a South American mining company has decided to fit oil quality sensors from Tan Delta to hundreds of critical vehicles. From heavy plant and conveyors to diesel generators and crushers, the oil quality sensors will continually monitor the exact condition of the oil in gear boxes, engines and hydraulics.

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Each sensor continuously monitors the quality of the oil in real time, providing the operator with local display, and streaming data back to central control. This system automatically generates an alert if a potential problem is detected and advises on the optimal service point based upon the actual condition of the oil. As a direct result, millions of dollars will be saved through reduced servicing, reduced equipment down time and minimised oil wastage.

Maintenance Director said; “Initially we were sceptical about the cost benefit claims of implementing such a system, but after the trial, the numbers spoke for themselves. The monetary pay back on our investment will be very quick, a matter of months, but the resulting improved service to our customers and our bottom line will be enjoyed for years.”

Chris Greenwood, Tan Delta CEO said: “Our patented sensor technology enables the OQS to accurately monitor any oil in any live operational application to a high degree of accuracy. This information is an extremely powerful and valuable operational tool and will enable this customer to generate more profit whilst delivering an improved service.”

About Tan Delta Systems Limited:

Tan Delta develops and provides the world’s most advanced and reliable oil condition monitoring technologies, products and systems. Our solutions are easy to deploy in any industrial or commercial application and deliver significant reductions in operating costs whilst simultaneously improving reliability and thus productivity.

Tan Delta Systems
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