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STAUBER Announces New Processing and Manufacturing for Value-Added Ingredient Solutions

July 23, 2015
By Business Wire News


STAUBER, a leading provider of ingredients for nutraceutical, food, beverage, flavor, and pet industries, announces the completion of its renovated processing and manufacturing plant in Florida, NY. The facility is now GMP NSF Certified.

The two-year, multi-million dollar capital investment and refurbishment of the former Pharmline facility represents an important linkage in STAUBER’s coast-to-coast goal of delivering the most innovative, value-added solutions for its growing, diverse customer base.

STAUBER’s New York group specializes in ingredient processing with the capacity, proficiency, and expertise to provide a complete range of services from research and development to processing and manufacturing.

“We’re finally bringing together the strength of our top brands and years of processing experience, quality and know-how with a state-of-the-art powder processing facility, specializing in granulation, toll compaction, particle size adjustment, instantizing and custom premixes,” said Olivier Guiot, EVP Sales & Marketing.

The facility features a new Pilot Laboratory offering various testing and processing capabilities. “Our technical team can provide innovative solutions for finished product applications. These solutions translate in processing efficiencies and potential product development savings,” according to Chris Forst, Director of Innovation for STAUBER.

The recently completed facility and equipment upgrades were based on the widespread implementation of Lean Manufacturing concepts and techniques to better utilize space, people, and equipment. Every major element of the facility infrastructure was replaced or rebuilt to assure future performance and reliability to meet customer expectations. This upgrade also focused on automated monitoring and control of vital systems to assure uniform performance.

The STAUBER R&D and Production teams have extensive application experience to create innovative solutions for meeting their customers’ unique product requirements. The facility is NSF Certified, cGMP compliant, HACCP, and certified to process organic products. Kosher and Halal certifications are also available. The on-site, quality control lab provides a range of testing utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, including UPLC, AA, FTIR Spectroscopy, UV/VIS, CPC Titration, PSL gamma radiation detector, and a full microbiology lab.

The enhanced services in specialty manufacturing allow STAUBER to provide:



For better flow characteristics in stick packs or drinks mixes.

Fluid bed granulation

For optimum compressibility characteristics.


For help in non-soluble powders dissolve and/or dispersion in liquids.

Particle Size adjustment

For various applications, using a wide range of equipment types (micropulverizer, Jet mills, Fitzmills)

Roller Compaction

To increase the bulk density/improve flow characteristics of powders without the use of solvents. Often referred to as Chilsonation, it can help reduce capsule sizes.


For powder blends, premixes, trituration, and drum to hopper formulas using a wide range of equipment (PK V Blenders, Ribbon blenders, Rotary Mixers…)



STAUBER is a one-stop, forward-thinking supplier of a broad spectrum of solutions for the ingredient industry. Since 1969, STAUBER has consistently offered the finest quality ingredients to the nutritional, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and pet care industries. The company was founded on the principle of partnering with manufacturers that provide the highest level of product and service. STAUBER’s corporate offices are located in Fullerton, California with manufacturing capabilities in New York and warehouses in four strategic geographic locations.


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