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ST Imaging Sues e-ImageData for False Advertising

July 20, 2015
By Business Wire News


ST Imaging (ST) (, a technology provider of digital microfilm and book scanning technology, filed a counterclaim today against e-ImageData Corp. for allegedly making false and misleading statements about ST Imaging ViewScan products as well as the capabilities and features of its own line of ScanPro scanners.

ST Imaging’s claims against e-ImageData assert, among other things, that e-ImageData has made false and misleading statements to the market by claiming that its ScanPro 3000 has a 26 Megapixel camera. ST Imaging’s counterclaim maintains that the optical resolution of the ScanPro 3000’s camera is 6.6 Megapixels under standard industry terminology, and that e-ImageData is misrepresenting the characteristics of its product by claiming to have a 26 Megapixel camera. ST Imaging’s allegations rely in part on a decision from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) issued in a bid protest brought by e-ImageData after the Department of Interior, National Park Service (“NPS”) selected an ST Imaging ViewScan product over an e-ImageData ScanPro product. ST Imaging alleges that the GAO rejected e-ImageData’s explanation for claiming the ScanPro 3000 has a 26 Megapixel camera, and instead concluded that industry convention was to use the optical resolution of the camera’s image sensor, meaning the ScanPro 3000 has only a 6.6 Megapixel camera. ST Imaging’s current microfilm scanner, the ST ViewScan III, has a 14.3 Megapixel camera, providing more than double the optical resolution of a 6.6 Megapixel camera. The full text of the publicly-available version of the GAO’s decision is available at

The counterclaim alleges that e-ImageData made other misrepresentations about its own products, but also alleges that e-ImageData has made false and misleading statement about ST Imaging products, including numerous statements misrepresenting the software capabilities of ViewScan products.

ST Imaging filed its counterclaim in conjunction with a response to a complaint filed by e-ImageData. ST Imaging’s response to the complaint denies any wrongdoing on its part. The response further alleges that e-ImageData itself has engaged in deceptive marketing practices, pointing to statements made by one of e-ImageData’s potential customers, NPS, in the course of the GAO protest describing e-ImageData’s presentation of its product as “very deceptive.” The response also alleges that e-ImageData has engaged in the same or similar marketing practices as those it now claims are improper when used by ST Imaging. The full text of ST Imaging’s Answer and Counterclaim is available here.

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About ST Imaging

ST Imaging is a worldwide technology leader in providing superior microfilm viewing and scanner products for libraries, universities, governments, and businesses. Founded in 1989, the company was acquired in 1999 by Digital Check Corp. In 2004 ST introduced the revolutionary all digital ST200 film scanner, forever changing the way libraries and universities viewed microfilm.

Today the company’s flagship product, the ST ViewScan system, sets the standard for making film viewing and image capture easy and assessable to the general public. ST ViewScan systems incorporate the latest technology to simplify viewing, scanning, editing and sharing of microfilm within libraries, schools, government, business, and other collections. The ST ViewScan III offers the highest resolution color camera in the digital reader/printer market, utilizing a 14 Megapixel image sensor.

ST Imaging was presented the Modern Library Awards (MLAs) 2015 Platinum Distinction for the ST ViewScan III line of scanners. The MLAs are an annual unbiased program recognizing elite products in the library community. ST ViewScan microfilm scanners are available through a worldwide network of authorized resellers and are supported by ST Imaging’s comprehensive fulfillment, training, support, warranty and repair services.

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