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Specialty Tolling Service at MHG Brings New Interest from Major Corporations

March 11, 2015
By Business Wire News


MHG, The Biopolymer Company, received an additional $20 million contract, for their popular specialty tolling services. Recently, many potential customers interested in this service have been touring the Bainbridge facility and meeting with the team to discuss opportunities in the last three months.

“Specialty Toll Manufacturing” allows clients to use MHG’s equipment, facility and fully trained and experienced staff. With expertise and precise laboratory standards, MHG uses the customer’s formulations, materials and instructions to produce the products for them. While toll manufacturing is a common practice in the marketplace, MHG is providing this service in addition to manufacturing biopolymers.

MHG has the most advanced reactive extrusion process, due to its state of the art production equipment, laboratories, material handling and logistics services. The company pioneered the replacement of PE in extrusion coating and has utilized reactive extrusion for over 10 years.

The company will be exhibiting this service in addition to their progress in PHA development at NPE 2015: The International Plastics Showcase from March 23-28 in Orlando, Fla.

“Since we began offering this service to the public, we’ve received a great deal of interest. While these companies are working to meet the demands of their customers, outsourcing to MHG and using their specialized processes, experienced staff and equipment helps them essentially save on overall operational costs,” expressed Dr. Paul Pereira, CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

MHG is one of the largest tolling manufacturers in the world and currently has 80 million lbs/year of tolling opportunities available, if the extruders are running around the clock, seven days a week. An additional ten million pounds of the eighty million pounds will be used when the company begins operation on the $20 million contract.

“We are very proud to offer customers this opportunity to use our experience and technology. Several companies are working with MHG presently regarding research and development to determine the optimum formulations for quality products that successfully enter the marketplace,” stated Scott Tuten, Chief Marketing Officer at MHG. “We are prepared to meet the needs of our customers and we’ve just hired Peter Castoro to work solely on contract manufacturing for us.”

MHG was recently a top three finalist for the 10th Annual World Bio Markets Bio-Based Product Innovation of the Year for their work with PHA. The company is currently in the process of ramping up its facility to produce their one hundred percent biodegradable plastic on a commercial scale.

“As MHG continues to focus on manufacturing biodegradable and renewable plastics, we have added this service to help our customers meet their demands for specialty products,” said Pereira.

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About MHG:

Meredian Holdings Group, Inc., also known as MHG, is the holding company of Meredian Inc., a recognized world leader in production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and DaniMer Scientific, L.L.C., a specialist in the customization of biopolymer formulations which can combine PHA and PLA through a proprietary reactive extrusion process. These companies are supported by a world class group of dedicated, highly skilled team members. The two companies offer a comprehensive selection of biopolymers that supports their core values of utilizing sustainably produced, renewable resource based polymers to improve people’s lives at work. MHG and its subsidiaries currently own more than 125 patents across nearly 20 countries.MHG is headquartered in Bainbridge, Ga.

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