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South Denver Metro Cities Choose Econolite Centracs® ATMS to Enhance Regional ITS Capabilities

June 10, 2015
By Business Wire News


Econolite today announced that five cities in the south Denver, Colorado metropolitan area have now chosen Centracs® ATMS as their Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) to control networked actuated signalized intersections. The Colorado cities include Greenwood Village, Centennial, Littleton, Englewood, and Arapahoe County. Littleton, Englewood and Arapahoe County plan to have Centracs ATMS installed and operational by this summer.

Greenwood Village and Centennial installed Centracs ATMS several years ago, and the successful deployment and resulting enhanced Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) capabilities these two cities have experienced played an important role in the decision by Englewood, Littleton, and Arapahoe County to also select and install Centracs ATMS. Englewood and Littleton will also plan to leverage the Centracs Server-to-Server module to take advantage of its cooperative operations and center-to-center communications capabilities. Through the Centracs Server-to-Server module, adjoining Centracs-deployed cities can seamlessly share data and manage arterial traffic across agency boundaries, helping enhance ITS capabilities exponentially.

All five cities are long-time Econolite traffic management customers – nearly 20 years. Continued strong customer service, support, and stable Econolite management have been noted as being key factors in the cities’ ongoing relationship with Econolite. “We are pleased to continue helping the South Denver Metro cities meet their ITS goals,” said Econolite Vice President of Sales Mark Nogaki. “These expanded deployments represent a complete picture of leading-edge technologies and comprehensive customer support helping agencies cost-effectively meet evolving transportation objectives.”

191 Centracs ATMS solutions have now been ordered with more than 29,000 signalized intersections licensed through Centracs:

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