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SMART InSight Mμgen™ Installed as the Data Handling Infrastructure for R&D of Mitsubishi Electric’s Vehicle-Mounted Information Systems

December 18, 2015
By Business Wire News


SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kiyoshi Machida; hereinafter, “SMART InSight”) announces that its virtual data integration and discovery product, “Mµgen” will be adopted by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masaki Sakuyama; hereinafter, “Mitsubishi Electric”) at its Automotive Electronics Development Center.

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Background and key points for the product’s adoption

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation had been considering how to build a data handling infrastructure with the objective of swiftly and flexibly interpreting product development with data-driven methodologies, not only to improve current functions such as navigation and A/V, but to improve capabilities and augment the development of the even higher quality car navigation systems that will help to realize better vehicle interiors.

Initially, they considered adopting a conventional Business Intelligence tool (hereinafter, “BI”). However, these are not capable of responding flexibly to diversity and variability in data sources or analysis axes, and also take significant time to provide a visualization after system startup. The BI are difficult to launch solely in business sectors, and have a close reliance on the IT sector. Consequently, they were deemed highly unsuitable as user interfaces intended to multilaterally manipulate data relationships and connections. Mitsubishi Electric was able to overcome these functional requirements with SMART InSight Mµgen, and resolved to implement it based on the results of their evaluation of it.

Comments from the development department project team at Mitsubishi Electric’s Automotive Electronics Development Center

“In order to improve the functionality and further enhance the car navigation systems that we offer, we examined tools that could be data-driven and implement the priorities and hypothesis of specific plans. However, the data we observe is in a state of constant change and the analysis axes are not clearly defined, so it was difficult to get results with conventional BI due to constraints of its capabilities, flexibility, speed, and cost. We felt that SMART InSight Mµgen was well suited for quickly and flexibly analyzing information sources in repeated trial and error tests, including the non-structured data that could not be analyzed with conventional BI. Also, since the UI is extremely simple and functional, we can significantly the reduce time spent on analysis, and have high expectations to make practical use of it as a data handling infrastructure that will aid in achieving the sort of R&D we really want to implement.”

Reference: Mµgen, Achieving Data Discovery –

SMART InSight announced Mµgen on July 22, 2015 in Japan. Mµgen is a platform that connects to all manner of data in any sort of environment, converts it into a data model, and autonomously discovers relationships between data models to enable data discovery across datasets that are virtually integrated (including trial and error).

For information on Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s Automotive Electronics Development Center, visit:

Location: 840, Chiyoda-Machi, Himeji-City, Hyogo Prefecture

Business Description: Development of assorted automotive electronic products


SMART InSight provides big data discovery & analytics platform that enables enterprises to analyze both structured and unstructured data, visualize correlations, and gain business value and intelligence – all in real time without compromising performance. These insights have enabled Fortune 500 customers like Honda Motors, Canon, Taobao to develop more effective marketing, better products, new revenue opportunities and improved customer service and operations. For more information, please visit

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