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SimScale Announces Free Workshop Series for 3D Engineering Simulation on Formula One Race Car Design

March 10, 2015
By Business Wire News


SimScale today announced a free five-week online workshop series for simulation, design and testing of a Formula One race car. The workshop series is open for all existing SimScale users, as well as others that are interested in learning about simulation, including students. Everyone that signs up for the workshop series will receive a special free trial period that activates one day before each workshop starts.

Workshop participants will get an overview about all the functionalities SimScale offers. They will be able to learn directly from top simulation experts in an interactive workshop and experience simulation through practical application and examples.

The SimScale Workshop will be a series of one-hour sessions. The overall aim is to conceptualize an F1 car, which will be tested with the help of simulation. The workshops are planned to be held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. Central European Time, starting March 19.

The first workshop will be led by David Heiny, managing director of SimScale, and special guest Nic Perrin, the founder and director of PERRINN F1 racing and head of trackside engineering at Manor F1, and will analyze the aerodynamics of the PERRINN F1 car design. Other SimScale senior engineers will participate and lead future sessions.

Here is the full workshop series agenda:

  • March 19: Aerodynamics analysis of the PERRINN F1 car
  • March 26: Thermal stress analysis of an exhaust manifold
  • April 2: Flow analysis of an exhaust manifold
  • April 9: Modal analysis of a brake
  • April 16: Nonlinear static stress analysis of a piston crankshaft

Participants will have the possibility to submit questions and exchange with other users and simulation experts. By submitting their own simulations as part of a homework assignment, they will get direct feedback from our simulation experts, and the best submissions will be published on the SimScale website or blog.

In addition, participants who join all five workshops, and complete at least one homework assignment simulation each week, will receive an invitation for a future session of SimScale Professional Training, a value of 500 Euros.

For more details and to register for the first workshop, visit


Tim Willeford
Director of Marketing