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ScoopMAE Enables Industrial Enterprises to Mobilize Business Processes and Increase Field Workforce Productivity

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VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – June 09, 2015) – ScoopMAE, the leader in mobile awareness and engagement (MAE) solutions, today announced the launch of the Scoop® 4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform. Using Scoop, operations personnel are able to quickly and cost-effectively build, deploy and maintain their own mobile apps without the need to hire developers or endure long project lifecycles and tech obsolescence. The apps are configured and run within the Scoop environment, ensuring strong security and flexible access control. The common platform also enables managers to easily run reports by cross-linking and analyzing data pulled from multiple sources.

“Over the years I spent a lot of time working in the field and witnessed firsthand how overwhelmed teams were with juggling all of the tools needed to properly capture and share information with their home offices,” said Babak Sardary, CEO and co-founder of ScoopMAE. “It became clear what these teams really wanted was a new way to record, share, and collaborate together. In essence, we’ve given them a modern, multimedia means of communicating ‘Here’s the real scoop’.” 

ScoopMAE’s solutions can be utilized by a wide variety of industries for purposes including:

  • Manufacturing: Plant inspections and audits
  • Field Services: Field ticketing and support requests
  • Energy and Utilities: Inspections, audits, and check-sheets
  • Retail, Logistics: Retail store inspections and distribution center audits
  • Mining, Resources: Mine and exploration site inspections and audits
  • Insurance: Claims, appraisals and application forms

“Oldcastle has a very strong culture of safety, quality, and productivity, and Scoop helps to reinforce this in a myriad of ways. Its multimedia collaboration tools and reports make it possible for us to catch hazards and stop them in their tracks before they progress any further,” said Melvin Thompson, Divisional EHS Manager, Oldcastle Building Products. “Our operations managers love it because it puts them in control of tailoring apps for any existing business process, so our business is driving the software solution rather than the other way around.”

Typical Use Case

One example of an industrial enterprise leveraging the platform for reduced costs and increased business efficiencies is a renewable energy company managing its wind or solar energy farms. The operations manager would deploy Scoop® 4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform and configure the various Scoop apps needed by its workforce. Each app corresponds to a specific form, workflow, basically a business process such as a site report, inspection or audit. The manager would also set parameters on which workers have access to each app, and the apps can be customized with the appropriate metrics. For example, the operations manager at the renewable energy company could set things up so the field workers in the Southeast are asked to gather information specific to the three wind farms located there. The field team would then access the solution on their iOS or Android device, log-in, and open the appropriate apps in order to report the appropriate “scoops.” If they have a question about a physical problem on site, a picture or video can be taken and made available to their entire team so they can seek advice in real time. Meanwhile the data including multimedia is automatically synched with all of the information in the platform cross-linked with the right scoops and available to the management team for reports and trouble shooting. In this type of a scenario, the home office team may spot an issue with a wind turbine or photovoltaic cell and course correct it immediately or they may find a trend in the data via graphical analytical reports such as a common lubrication problem with a certain model wind turbine gearbox which can then be shared as a preventative maintenance best practice across the company to avoid costly overhauls.

Mobile Awareness and Engagement Solutions

The advent of powerful, user-friendly mobile phone and tablet devices in conjunction with reliable, always-connected cloud computing services has given rise to a new category of enterprise IT solutions, Mobile Awareness and Engagement (MAE). MAE platforms such as Scoop build team and company-wide timely awareness of issues and engage staff in the business’s performance. Workers are able to use any iOS or Android device, anytime to access their company’s appropriate data and customized apps.

More information on Scoop® 4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform is available here

About ScoopMAE

ScoopMAE, the leader in mobile awareness and engagement (MAE) solutions, is a division of Trusterra Technologies Inc. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Follow us on Twitter at @Scoop_MAE.

Media Contact:

Jan Wiedrick-Kozlowski
Activa PR for Scoop

Company Contact:

Babak Sardary
CEO and Co-Founder
604.484.5654 X1


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