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sanaFactur – A new player in modern wound care

September 2, 2015
By Business Wire News

ENGER, Germany

Company founders Dr. Alexander Maassen and Olaf Ohm have been engaged for many years in the steady increase in value of modern wound care. “We are continuing to develop at our new company, sanaFactur, the high product quality that users and patients appreciate, based on our experience at the sorbion company,” says Olaf Ohm, CEO Commercial. “The starting point for our development projects is the needs of users and patients who want to return to a normal life. We will continue to work every day toward that goal,” comments Dr. Alexander Maassen, CEO Scientific.

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Dr. Alexander Maassen, CEO Scientific, Partner, and Olaf Ohm, CEO Commercial, Partner (Photo: Busine ...

Dr. Alexander Maassen, CEO Scientific, Partner, and Olaf Ohm, CEO Commercial, Partner (Photo: Business Wire)

The sanaFactur team is convinced that the start-up will become established in the market. “sanaFactur is based on sustainability, through a consistent focus on the needs of our target clientele,” says Olaf Ohm. Modern wound care will also require a continued high level of commitment to research and development in the future. “The effective management of infections in hospitals and outpatient facilities is far from optimal. With sanaFactur, we will also have an effective range of products for management of infections,” says Dr. Alexander Maassen.

According to the German Medical Technology Association, BVMed, up to four million people in Germany suffer from open wounds. The treatment they receive leaves much to be desired. Phase-specific wound care helps patients and reduces costs. sanaFactur GmbH will make a valuable contribution to this goal.

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