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RF Biocidics Sponsors World Ag Expo 2016

February 5, 2016
By Business Wire News


RF Biocidics, which manufactures equipment that uses specialized radio frequency technology to safely eliminate harmful contaminants from foods, is excited to sponsor the annual World Ag Expo ( being held this month in Tulare, California.

An estimated 100,000 participants from 70 countries are expected to attend this year’s World Ag Expo, the largest annual agricultural show of its kind with more than 1,500 exhibitors displaying agricultural technology and equipment. RF Biocidics will be showcasing its food safety systems in Pavilion D of the International Agri-Center at Booth #4709.

RF Biocidics’ APEX and SENTINEL food systems employ volumetric heating to remove pests and bacteria using radio frequency waves, providing an environmentally friendly solution that is suitable for both conventionally and organically grown products. The APEX system specializes in dry commodities such as seeds and nuts, including walnuts and almonds. The SENTINEL is specifically designed for the disinfection and disinfestation of high-moisture commodities such as raisins, plums, prunes, dried cherries or dried apricots. RF Biocidics’ patented food safety process was developed at the University of California, Davis.

Serving clientele across the globe, from the U.S. and Europe to the Middle East, South America, Mexico and Australia, RF Biocidics seeks to change the way the food industry looks at food safety and the natural environment. The company brings together experts in microbiology, engineering, food safety and mathematics to help food companies navigate food safety measures amidst growing consumer demand for organic and chemical-free foods that maintain high-quality taste and texture and a tightening regulatory environment.

“RF Biocidics’ participation in World Ag Expo showcases the company’s commitment to providing food safety solutions to leading food providers worldwide,” says Craig Powell, Chief Executive Officer of RF Biocidics. “We are proud to provide a much-needed, non-chemical solution to today’s food industry.”

The World Ag Expo will be held February 9-11. More information on RF Biocidics can be found on the company’s website at The company is a subsidiary of Boston-based Allied Minds (LSE: ALM).

About RF Biocidics
RF Biocidics manufactures equipment and processes that use specialized radio frequency technology to safely eliminate harmful contaminants from foods. The resulting process is an effective, chemical-free and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional steam heat or chemical pasteurization methods. This process has a broad range of other applications, including use in agriculture, import/export compliance and wood and wastewater treatment. RF Biocidics works to the meet the specific needs of its customers worldwide, ultimately designing and building custom process systems that will best meet goals and yield integrated, immediate solutions. RF Biocidics is an Allied Minds company headquartered in Sacramento, Calif.

About Allied Minds
Allied Minds is an innovative U.S. science and technology development and commercialization company. Operating since 2006, Allied Minds forms, funds, manages and builds products and businesses based on innovative technologies developed at leading U.S. universities and federal research institutions. Allied Minds serves as a diversified holding company that supports its businesses and product development with capital, central management and shared services. More information about the Boston-based company can be found at

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