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Revolutionary New Amplifier by North American Products Produces “Live” Listening Experience

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North American Products (NAP) announced today the release of a new amplifier capable of producing a listening experience so real the musicians are “in your room.”

Roger Paul, CEO of NAP and inventor of the new technology, says his H-CAT™ X-10 MK III amplifier is the first to project a sound event as a stabilized acoustic hologram. This steady flow of dynamic air pressure is recognized by the brain as authentic and therefore is perceived by the listener as a “live” event.

“With my new circuitry, the amplifier can produce distortion free audio, which is unprecedented,” Paul said. “The clarity is a thousand times that of conventional amplifiers.”

In order to capture the actual “wave” property of a sound event, Paul had to design special circuits using quantum physics. The heart of the breakthrough is what he calls “auto-focus” circuitry, which secures a stable velocity path and produces “a live event.”

In his review of the H-CAT™ X-10 in Stereo Times magazine, Norm Luttbeg said the amp’s definition and detail create a sound stage the gives the listener “the sense of being there.”

“I cannot claim to have heard all the quality amps … but this certainly is the best I have ever heard,” Luttbeg said. “There is a total effortlessness to its sound.”

Paul said decades of work went into the technology. Even when you increase the volume to concert levels, this amplifier remains effortless and free from distortion. There is no strain.

“What you hear is the same experience as being there,” Paul said.

Paul plans applying this method on the recording side and making it available to recording studios, radio and television broadcasters and 3-D movie makers. His acoustic hologram feature can be “registered” to overlay the visual display and complete the full 3-D experience.

“There has never been true 3-D audio until now,” Paul said. “Using my H-CAT™ amp in theaters will allow a car crash to be perceived as happening live … right in front of the audience.”

The H-CAT™ amplifier retails for $10,995. The H-CAT™ X-10 preamplifier is $5,995. For more information visit

North American Products (NAP)
Roger Paul, 856-204-HCAT (4228)


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