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Revitas Introduces Channel Management Solution for Manufacturing Sectors to Accelerate Channel Revenue

March 3, 2015
By Business Wire News


Revitas, Inc., the leader in revenue acceleration, today unveiled a channel management solution designed to improve the programs, partnerships, and profitability of manufacturers, distributors, and other companies who depend on channel relationships to enhance revenue and drive product sales. The Revitas® Channel Management Solution™ delivers the enterprise-class capabilities needed to accelerate channel revenue growth, lower costs, obtain actionable business insights, and improve partner engagement.

The Revitas Channel Management Solution reflects Revitas’s 25 years of experience helping manufacturers drive revenue through diverse, multi-level sales channels, as well as extensive industry research to confirm evolving market requirements.

A recent study conducted by Revitas found that organizations now face what might be called a channel paradox. On one hand, manufacturers are tasked with achieving significant revenue growth from the channel in a climate of increasing competition for skilled partners. Yet these organizations often lack the supporting systems needed to operationalize channel programs, validate the impact of channel investments, and enable continuous business improvement.

As Peter O’Neill, Vice President and Research Director for Forrester Research, writes in the February 2015 report titled Leverage The Channel Management Technology Spectrum, “Channel partners’ loyalty to vendors and suppliers is waning, resulting in risk to vendors’ and suppliers’ wallet share and revenue growth with respect to their channel partners. Channel professionals can shore up their channel partners’ loyalty with a renewed focus on modernizing the IT systems they use to interact and collaborate with their partners.”

Revitas enables companies in high tech, discrete manufacturing, consumer goods, and other channel-intensive industries to tailor channel management to suit their business needs. Delivered on a configurable, secure platform and available via the cloud or on-premises deployment, the Revitas Channel Management Solution easily accommodates the industry’s most complex channel structures and highest transaction volumes.

The Revitas Channel Management Solution helps companies drive revenue by deploying targeted incentive programs, such as tiered and stacked rebates, incentives based on market share attainment, and other creative programs, while simultaneously controlling channel costs by eliminating channel overspend, automating claims validation, and minimizing reliance on special pricing, one-off discounts, and other high-cost low-return programs. The offering provides advanced analytics and actionable insight into the performance of programs, partners, and products so that companies can improve profitability and overall channel engagement.

For companies that sell products through the channel, the value from working with Revitas is enormous. One Revitas customer, a leading global manufacturer, anticipates a return on investment of over $100 million. The Revitas solution also helped this company improve partner relationships, with its top two distributors now describing the company’s channel management approach as best-in-class.

“Our proven experience helping organizations accelerate revenue through the channel across the most challenging industries sets the stage for the timely delivery of the Revitas Channel Management Solution,” said Brian Madocks, CEO and President of Revitas. “Companies are increasingly driving more business through their distributors and channel partners. The Revitas suite of solutions allows companies to proactively engage their partners, offer programs that create a competitive advantage, reduce the cost of managing these relationships, and ultimately drive increased revenue for vendors and their partners.”

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Revitas helps organizations accelerate revenue through diverse, multi-level sales channels by delivering enterprise-class solutions that tailor channel and contract management to the needs of the business. For over 25 years, Revitas has enabled companies in the most challenging, channel-intensive industries to achieve best-in-class performance and sustainable competitive advantage. Learn more about Revitas by visiting or

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