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Reveal Announces Expansion, Broadens Supply Chain Advisory Footprint

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Supply chain industry leaders Reveal, Expert IG and Q Data proudly announce that the three independent companies are unifying to create one expanded brand under the Reveal name. The three organizations have integrated to create a brand that partners with SAP-centric businesses to transform them by challenging the traditional thinking on the modern supply chain and revealing the hidden value through the smart use of people, processes and technology.

Effective immediately, Reveal offers the complete breadth of SAP-centric supply chain services. By combining Q Data’s implementation expertise and Expert IG’s business networks and analytic thought leadership with the proven supply chain optimization capabilities of Reveal, the unified brand now artfully spans the range of SAP supply chain management needs to provide unparalleled SAP-centric solutions to the market.

Reveal serves medium- to large-size SAP-centric organizations, enabling them to run more efficiently. To accomplish this, it leverages its proprietary ongoing VALUE optimization® (oVo®) methodology and offers companies the ability to sustainably improve their supply chain operations. With this expansion, Reveal is now uniquely positioned to cater to its clients’ needs more fluidly and more completely.

About the move, Martin Rowan, Senior Partner at Reveal, said, “These are exciting times! Reveal is leading the supply chain market in so many ways, and once again, this strategic move will allow us to continue to lead through our expanded thought leadership. By combining our offerings into a single team, we will deepen our relationship with our clients as well as create more opportunities for us to give back.”

Reveal transforms organizations through innovative supply chain management strategies. While the brand has evolved, the expertise and quality its clients have come to expect has not changed. Companies in search of effective SAP-centric consulting services now have a singular resource for all their supply chain management needs. With the combined thought leadership of all three original organizations, Reveal is poised to leverage its industry expertise to provide the market with comprehensive and robust supply chain solutions.

When questioned, Reveal’s Thought Leaders offered the following perspectives on the exciting new direction:

“The merger of our three companies completes our strategic plan for building a single organization that can challenge the traditional thinking on the modern supply chain — one that can unleash the hidden value for every customer with which we partner by optimizing their people, processes and technology,” said Steven Crooke, Senior Partner at Reveal. “I am excited about the opportunity that this merger presents to our clients and team members.”

“Some companies merge to satisfy their investors; other companies merge to survive market conditions; few companies merge to bring a new and continued value to their customers and prospects,” said Jim Cameron, Partner at Reveal. “The merger of Reveal, Q Data and Expert IG is the most strategic alignment of companies to benefit SAP-centric enterprises in this decade. My team and I are excited to be a part of this historic offering to the SAP community.”

“We are merging our collective expertise and creating brand unity within a new Reveal,” explained Sean Elliffe, Partner at Reveal. “We know we are ready for new growth and opportunities that will increase our market relevancy long-term, streamline and align our lines of business and open doors to incorporate relationships with new audiences. We will continue to reveal hidden value to businesses, and we will help them transform what matters most to them.”

“Personally, I am very excited to be a part of this change. We had three separate companies, each leading their respective markets in terms of quality of service and value brought to the customer,” said Kevin Wilson, Partner at Reveal. “The synergy between each of our service offerings across the supply chain, covering people, process and technology, was very evident to me. With the launch of the new Reveal, with one truly unified approach toward bringing real value to our clients’ supply chain processes, I am looking forward to spreading our unique message.”

To celebrate this new beginning, Reveal is committed to giving back to its community at large, donating a portion of its profits to help children in need. In keeping with its mission, Reveal seeks to transform not only supply chains, but also the lives they touch.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015, Reveal is a business partner that provides innovative, effective solutions and optimization services to SAP-centric supply chain-driven businesses. The Reveal approach is to assess the opportunity and transform the people, processes and technologies to ultimately ensure a sustainable organization. Reveal is powered by purpose: A portion of our profits goes to helping children in need. Uncovering the potential of the supply chain is what we do. Improving lives is why we do it. Learn more about Reveal at Connect with Reveal on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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