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Reinventing Lighter Fluid with Smarter Starter Fluid®

March 2, 2015
By Business Wire News


ESCOGO, LLC today announced the national rollout of Smarter Starter Fluid. Smarter Starter Fluid is an innovative, new petrochemical-free charcoal lighter fluid that makes grilling a cleaner, healthier, and safer activity.

Smarter Starter Fluid revolutionizes the tried and true lighter fluid by replacing petrochemicals with natural, agriculturally derived ingredients. The result is a lighter fluid that ignites easy, burns smooth with fewer flare-ups, and won’t leave residual petrochemicals on grilled food. Thanks to its ultra-low toxicity, it also poses a minimal poisoning risk to children and pets.

“Smarter Starter Fluid is a game changer in grilling,” said Rick Huszagh, Managing Partner of ESCOGO. “It solves the major consumer dissatisfactions with lighter fluid – bad petrochemical tastes on food and the smell – while also providing the added benefits of safer storage and handling. It provides all of the functionality and convenience of a traditional lighter fluid without the harsh chemicals.”

“The growth of Smarter Starter Fluid can be tied to two emerging consumer trends, the increasing popularity of high-end grilling and heightened consumer awareness to chemicals in our everyday products,” said Patrick Harper, General Manager of ESCOGO. “In addition to quality, we make safety and product knowledge a priority rather than an afterthought.” Unlike industry standards, Smarter Starter Fluid is packaged in environmentally-friendly PET bottles and is subject to 3rd party testing to verify the amount of renewable biological ingredients.

In only its second full year on the market, Smarter Starter Fluid is now available nationwide in over 3,500 locations. Major retail partners include The Home Depot, H-E-B, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and others. For a full list, please visit us at

About Us: ESCOGO, LLC specializes in the development and manufacturing of biobased consumer products. Our mission is to improve consumer and community health through the creation of cleaner, healthier, and more effective alternatives to petroleum-based consumer goods. ESCOGO products are manufactured at our zero-waste, solar powered facility in Monroe, GA.

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