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Redline Detection Unveils Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator

May 20, 2016
By Business Wire News

ORANGE, Calif.

Redline Detection, the industry leader in OEM-mandated diagnostic leak detection equipment, today unveiled the new Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator. A full, variable range of low to high pressure testing has never been possible until now. Applications include both low pressure leak testing for traditional vehicle EVAP / general repair; and variable / higher pressure testing for forced induction / turbo, diesel, and heavy duty leak detection, using either visible vapor or air only.

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Redline Detection's New Technology, Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator, and Executive Vice Preside ...

Redline Detection’s New Technology, Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator, and Executive Vice President Alex Parker (Photo: Business Wire)

“Redline is at the forefront of equipment innovation and everything we engineer is in response to technicians’ needs in the field. Low-pressure leak testing for EVAP applications is essential in every repair facility. But as more automakers turn to turbo, diesel, boosted systems to achieve improved fuel economy without sacrificing performance, technicians now also need high pressure testing capability to replicate this higher boost,” said Executive Vice President, Alex Parker. “The Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator was engineered to quickly locate difficult-to-find leaks and failing components across a wide boost load range, on all types of vehicles: Standard passenger vehicles, turbo, diesel cars, heavy duty trucks, delivery vehicles, even construction, mining, and farming equipment,” said Parker.

This technology dramatically increases shop efficiency by giving the ability to switch from low pressure to higher pressure for different applications, in a single piece of equipment, with literally the flip of a switch. The ease-of-use of this equipment allows even relatively inexperienced technicians to quickly locate hard-to-find leaks and confirm that the vehicle is fixed right the first time, saving valuable time and improving the customer experience. Constructed of professional grade steel and billet aluminum for lifetime durability, the Dual Purpose machine also offers advanced safety features.

The higher pressure testing technology inside the new all-in-one unit was engineered in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover to expedite maintenance throughout the life of the vehicle and enhance customer satisfaction. The machine is designed for applications including testing the integrity of a complete fuel vapor recovery (EVAP) system, complete exhaust system (diesel or gasoline), complete intake system (gasoline, alternative fuel, diesel), turbo and turbo housings, charge air coolers, all boosted engines, diesel particulate filter systems, diesel emission systems. The Dual Purpose Leak Locator is currently under consideration for the industry’s most prestigious American product innovation awards and also being evaluated for the Automechanika Frankfurt Product Innovation Award.

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