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REAL Chambers Launches SQL-30™ Benchtop HALT/HASS Vibration System

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REAL Chambers Corporation announces the launch of their newest HALT/HASS vibration system that further expands their benchtop product portfolio, known as the Smaller, Quieter, Lighter (SQL)™ series. The new system, SQL-30, is a mini vibration system designed for HALT/HASS testing of small components and assemblies. With a 30” vibration table, the SQL utilizes Six Degree of Freedom (6DoF) vibration technology. It is ideal for finding potential failure modes on new products or assisting in troubleshooting field failures.

The modular design allows the vibration base to fit in a standard environmental chamber for traditional HALT/HASS testing. SQL-30 also offers a wide vibration range from 1 to 60 gRMS for precise failure detection (with unloaded table), temperature range of -50° to +150° C, a Watlow ® F4 Controller for easy, reliable control, and the cover offers an air spring design for gentle, manual raising and lowering.

To learn more about the SQL-30 and additional specifications, visit the REAL Chambers website at Or to inquire on pricing, support, applications, training, partner labs, distributors, and more, you can call toll free: 1-888-292-1552, or 1-720-307-3769, or email: The SQL-30 is available for order now.

About REAL Chambers:

REAL Chambers Corporation traces its roots to 1997 when MVE, Inc. launched its first HALT/HASS chamber. MVE was, in turn, acquired by Chart Industries in 2000 and the REAL Chambers brand was created shortly thereafter. Since that time, the number of REAL Chambers produced, installed and operated has progressively grown and led to REAL HALT/HASS being used at nearly 300 locations around the world, helping electronic product designers design and build more reliable products. REAL Chambers continues to utilize the same proven product designs and supply chain developed by Chart Industries. Today, following Chart’s sale of its HALT/HASS business, REAL Chambers Corporation is controlled by Roser Ventures, based in Boulder, Colorado.

REAL Chambers Corporation has dedicated and exclusive Sales Representatives throughout North America and authorized Distributors throughout the world. Many of these representatives have been supporting HALT/HASS customers for 10 or more years, and deliver expert experience and specialized knowledge to assist you in your accelerated testing needs.

REAL Chambers Corporation
Cami A. Marsh, 1-720-307-3756
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