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Qualtré’s 2nd Generation BAW MEMS Gyros Deliver up to 3X Price/Performance Advantage for Industrial-Grade Applications

June 11, 2015
By Business Wire News


Qualtré, Inc., a leader in the development and commercialization of Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) MEMS inertial sensors, announced today the availability of their second generation BAW MEMS gyroscopes, which include fully integrated, three-axis (QGYR330Hx) and single axis (QGYR110Hx) angular rate sensors with digital or analog outputs. Based on Qualtré’s patented BAW MEMS technology, the new BAW MEMS gyros are manufactured using a highly versatile and scalable High Aspect-Ratio Poly and Single-crystalline Silicon (HARPSS) fabrication process, which allows an unprecedented combination of robustness, performance, and size advantages over conventional MEMS tuning-fork gyroscopes. Samples of both the analog and digital versions of the QGYR330Hx and QGYR110Hx gyros are now available in a small LGA32 package that is RoHS and green compliant.

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“Qualtré’s 2nd generation BAW MEMS gyroscopes push the performance envelope even further by delivering 3X better shock performance, 2X lower noise, and 1.5X improvement in bias instability when compared to our previous generation which set an industry standard for price/performance,” said Sreeni Rao, Vice President of Vertical Markets, Qualtré, Inc. “The new gyros simplify design with a fully integrated interface that provides signal conditioning and amplification, and stores factory-set calibration coefficients. With on-board electronics, the QGYR330Hx and QGYR110Hx require minimal external components beyond power supply decoupling capacitors and a single pull up resistor.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • The unique solid state BAW sensor design provides unprecedented vibration/shock rejection and stability over a wide frequency range enabling reliable and stable readings in harsh environments
  • Measured Linear Acceleration Sensitivity: 0.015 0/s/g
  • Outstanding linearity: 0.05% of FS
  • Identical sensitivity on all 3 axes provides greater measurement accuracy
  • Very low noise for precision applications: 0.009 dps/√Hz
  • On-board temperature sensor
  • Built-in self-test

The QGYR330xx family now includes four devices – the upgraded QGYR330HA and QGYR110HA featuring analog outputs and the new QGYR330HD and QGYR110HD with digital outputs. The HD devices feature an integrated 16-bit ADC from which X-, Y-, and Z-axis rotation values are stored in corresponding FIFOs that can be read via SPI or I2C interfaces.

Qualtré’s QGYR330Hx BAW MEMS™ Gyro was recently cited as a finalist for the “Best of Sensors Expo” awards to be announced on June 10. Previously, Qualtré was cited by EETimes as one of the top 15 MEMS/Analog startups to watch in 2015 and was included in EETimes list of “Silicon 60: Hot Startups.”

Product Price and Availability

Product   Output   Availability   Packaging   1K Price (USD)






Samples and Eval
boards available: Now
Full production: Q4



7mm x 7mm x 2.9mm







Samples and Eval
boards available: Now
Full production: Q3



7mm x 7mm x 2.9mm


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