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Pulse Electronics’ Isolation Power Transformers Offer 2.5KV Isolation for Communications Interface Applications

September 9, 2015
By Business Wire News


Pulse Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of electronic components, introduces a new series of power transformers that offers isolation to communication interfaces such as RS485, CAN, MODBus, and ProfiBus for automation, automotive, and smart grid applications. The PH9085 Series is part of Pulse Electronics’ isolation transformer line that offers a range of insulation (functional to reinforced) and isolation (up to 5KVrms) capabilities.

“Industrial communications interfaces provide isolation to protect peripheral devices from the hazardous voltages created by noisy environments,” explained Gerard Healy, product manager, Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit. “The PH9085 series uses fully insulated wire to deliver a safe voltage to transceiver circuitry, providing 2500Vrms isolation to the user/operator. These transformers are compatible with various push-pull driver ICs such as Maxim MAX253, Texas SN6501 and UCC2808, and Analog ADuM4070 and ADuM447x.”

Pulse Electronics’ PH9085 is a push-pull transformer that comes in an industry standard platform as a compact, surface mount package of 8x7x5mm. It provides a direct cross to the Wurth 760 390, Halo TGM-2xNSLF, and Murata 78 253 series of isolation transformers. The transformers are RoHS6 compliant and meet standard EIA481 requirements. They are available in tube and tape-and-reel packaging. Prices start at about $0.67 (FCA HK) for 10,000 pieces. Lead time is eight weeks. Samples are available. Further details are available on the data sheet located at, or contact Pulse at or


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