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Pharma Leader Series: Top Generic Drug Producers – Leading Companies and Forecasts 2015-2025

July 27, 2015
By PRN NewsWire

LONDON, July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Prospects for Development, Manufacturing and Business Expansion 

Generic Drug Producers – Discover Top Companies’ Revenue Prospects Now, Benefiting Your Influence What does the future hold for manufacturers and sellers of generic medicines [ ] ? Visiongain [ ]’s new report shows you leading companies’ prospects to 2025. That study lets you discover results, trends, opportunities and revenue forecasts, helping you stay ahead in knowledge.

For leading producers and marketers of generic drugs, you find information on established and rising companies. Explore their sales potentials in the generics market, seeing from 2015 to 2025 the prospects of industry leaders. What revenues are possible?

Sales predictions and other data to help you stay ahead in competitive intelligence In our study [ ] you find analytical profiles of top generics producers. By region you analyse historical data, activities, revenue forecasts and growth rates. Discover qualitative analysis too. That work gives you 82 tables, 87 charts and two interviews with the industry.

Our new analysis [ ] shows you the most lucrative parts of the world industry for generic drugs. See today how you can benefit your research, analyses, decisions, proposals and presentations, also saving time and benefiting your reputation for insight.

Assessments of top companies – capabilities, results, competition and sales potentials Our report assesses 43 leading manufacturers of generic medicines worldwide. In general a company profile gives you the following information:

– Discussion of activities, technologies and recent financial results – Assessment of developments – mergers and acquisitions (M&A), new products, outlooks, challenges and plans – Forecasting of generic drug revenues to 2025 (for 19 leading companies).

Discover capabilities, progress and prospects of top generics companies, grouped by region, helping you stay ahead in commercial knowledge and influence. Our study explains the changing generics industry from 2015 to 2025, including opportunities.

For the top 50 generic drug manufacturers in 2014, discover revenues and rankings. Also see top companies’ gross profit margins, EBITDA margins and historical revenue growth.

To see a report overview please email Sara Peerun on

The following sections show how our new investigation helps your work.

North America – outlooks for leading generic drug producers and sellers First our report analyses 13 North American generics specialists and big pharma [ ] companies in that market, including these firms:

– Mylan – Pfizer – Abbott – Hospira – Apotex – Par Pharmaceuticals

In that analysis [ ] you find where revenue growth occurs and how high sales can go. Many opportunities remain, with high, expanding revenues possible from 2015.

Europe – prospects for leading generics players Our survey also shows you outlooks for 10 European generics specialists and pharmaceutical leaders in that industry, including these firms:

– Novartis (Sandoz) – Actavis – Sanofi – Fresenius Kabi – Pharmstandard – Gedeon Richter – Stada Arzneimittel

The report [ ] shows you how companies can seize opportunities and expand their businesses from 2015 to 2025. You also examine organisations competing for shares of that expanding, evolving market.

India – analysis of leading generic drug firms Our new work also assesses 10 Indian generic drug producers, including these firms:

– Sun Pharmaceutical Industries – Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – Lupin – Ranbaxy – Aurobindo – Glenmark – Wockhardt

How much sales growth and geographical expansion can Indian generics companies achieve from 2015? Our study shows you revenue data, trends and prospects, examining what opportunities and potentials exist.

Producers from the rest of world – assess technologies, progress and prospects Our investigation also shows you outlooks for 10 generic drug makers based in other countries, including these companies:

– Teva Pharmaceutical Industries – EMS – Aspen Pharmacare – Nichi-Iko – Abdi Ibrahim – Hypermarcas – Eurofarma – Sawai Pharmaceuticals

Countries such as Japan, Brazil and China will become increasingly important for generic drug development, production and sales from 2015 to 2025, our analyses show.

That work explains forces shaping the generics market and industry [ ] , helping you explore changes, challenges and opportunities. Discover what the future holds.

Issues affecting generic drug development, manufacturing and sales Our report discusses issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2015, including these forces:

– Specialty generics – difficult-to-produce medicines with high profit margins – Shift towards innovative and improved drugs, via expanding R&D budgets – Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) influencing that expanding healthcare market – Big pharma firms targeting generics – diversification of product portfolios – International expansion – targeting developed and developing national markets – Intellectual property – regulations, challenges and developments – Biosimilars – opportunities for generic and originator drug companies

There you explore the generic drug industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. With our study you discover what the future holds for top generic drug producers.

You also gain our interviews with Sanofi Generics and the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA). Hear what participants think, say and do, helping you stay ahead.

Ways Top Generic Drug Producers – Leading Companies and Forecasts 2015-2025  

– Prospects for Development, Manufacturing and Business Expansion helps In particular, our new analysis benefits your work in these five main ways:

– Profiles of 43 generics companies – assess product ranges, strategies and sales results, also gaining revenue forecasts to 2025 for 19 organisations – Competition and opportunities – explore what shapes the generic drugs market’s future, especially companies’ prospects for sustaining and expanding business – Analysis of what benefits and restrains generic drug makers – assess challenges and strengths, helping you compete and gain advantages – Reviews of established competitors and rising players in the generics sector – explore needs, competition, technologies and outlooks for future success – Interviews with authorities – discover what participants in the industry think, say and do, helping you stay ahead in commercial knowledge.

That report, by visiongain [ ]’s in-house analysts in the UK, gives information to benefit your work, saving you hassle and time. You gain data leading companies depend on.

Knowledge found nowhere else, helping your research, analyses and decisions Our investigation gives independent analysis. You receive competitive intelligence found only in that report, discovering generics companies with the most commercial promise.

With our new survey you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See how you could benefit your research, analyses and decisions. Also find how you can save time and gain in recognition for insight, benefiting your authority.

Predictions for generic drug production and sales – gain by trying our study now Our new analysis shows you data, trends, opportunities and sales forecasts for top producers and sellers of generic drugs. Avoid missing out – please get our report here now.

To see a report overview please email Sara Peerun on

  Organisations Mentioned in the Report  Abbott  AbbVie  Abdi Ibrahim  Abrika Pharmaceuticals  Ache  Actavis  Active Pharma  Adcock Ingram  Advance Vision Research  Aegera  Afrexa Life Sciences  Agouron Pharmaceuticals  Akorn Pharmaceuticals  Akrikhin  Alcon  Allergan  Alpharma  Alvogen  AmerisourceBergen  Amide  Amneal Pharmaceuticals  AMS  APL Holdings Limited  ApoPharma  Apotex  Apotex Fermentation  APP Pharmaceuticals  Aprogen  Arrow Group  Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation  Ascent Pharmahealth  ASKA Pharmaceutical  Aspen  Aspen Pharmacare  Aspen Trading    AstraZeneca  Auden McKenzie  Aurigene Discovery Technologies  Auro Pharma  Aurobindo  Balkanpharma  Barr Pharmaceuticals  Bausch and Lomb Holdings  Bayer  Bayer Yakuhin  BeiKang Pharmaceutical  Bever  Biocad Holding  Bioniche Pharma  Biovena  Boca Pharmacal  Boehringer Ingelheim  Brainfarma Industria e Farmaceutica  Bremer Pharma      Bunker and Delta  Cadila Healthcare  Cardinal Health  Cenova Pharma  CFR Pharmaceuticals  Chatted  Chattem Chemicals  Chimpharm  Chiron Corporation  Chirotech Technology  CIBA VISION  Cipla  CNS Therapeutics  Colotech  Cosmed Industria de Cosmeticos e Medicamentos S.A.  D. Searle & Company  Dabur Pharma  DACA Pharmaceuticals  Daichi Kasei  Dialfor Health  DKSH  Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories  Dream Pharma  Dusa Pharmaceuticals  EBEWE Pharma  Elan Pharmaceuticals  Elder Pharmaceuticals  Emcure  Emergent Biosolutions  Emploi Quebec  European Medicines Agency  EMS  Endo  Eon Labs  Ethics Bio Lab  Eurofarma  Facet Biotech  Fako  Fenwal  Filaxis  Fougera Pharmaceuticals  Fresenius Kabi  Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries  Gangene Corp  Gedeon Richter  Generic Health    Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA)  Genfar S.A.  Genzyme  Germa Pharm  GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)  Glenmark  Globalpharma  Golden Cross Pharma  Greenstone  Handok  HealthTronics  Helvepharm  Herbapol Pruszkow  Hexa  Hikma  Hi-Tech Pharmacal  Hospira  Hypermarcas  IDEV Technologies  Ikaria  Innopharma  Inspire Pharmaceuticals  Investissement Quebec  Ipca Laboratories  J-DOLPH Pharmaceutical  Johnson & Johnson  JPH Group Holdings  Kanghong Sagen Pharmaceuticals  Keri Pharma  Kilitch Drugs  Kolmar Holdings  Krka  Kunwha Pharmaceuticals  Kyowa Pharmaceuticals  Labesfal  Laboratorio Sanderson  Laboratorios Gautier  Laboratorios Grin  Laboratorios Kendrick  Labormed Pharma  Leek  Lekko  Les Laboratoires Servier SAS  Lotus Pharmaceuticals  Lupin  mAbxience  Madaus  Mallinckrodt  Maruko Pharmaceutical  Masterlek  McKesson Drug Company  Mechnikov Biomed  Mediate Specialities  Medina  Medisa Shinyaku  Medley Industria Farmaceutica  Meiji Seika Pharma  Merck & Co  Microdose  Mitani Sangyo  Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma  MJ Pharma  Multicare  Mylan Laboratories  Nanomi B.V  National Druggists    NBZ Pharma Limited  Negma  Nichi-Iko  Nichi-Iko Pharma Tech  Nicox  Nippon Chemipher  Nippon Kayaku  NIXS Corporation  Novartis  Nycomed  Oak Pharmaceuticals  OctoPlus  Omega Laboratories Limited  Onset Dermatologics  Onyx  Oriel Therapeutics  Orion  Paladin Labs  Par Pharmaceutical  Parke-Davis  Pendopharm  Perrigo Company  Pfizer  PGT Healthcare  Pharma Avalanche  Pharmacin  Pharmapark  Pharmascience  Pharmascience Korea  PharmaSwiss  Pharmstandard  Pharmstandard Biotec  Phlox Pharma  Pinewood Laboratories  Piramal Healthcare Solutions  Polfa Warszawa  Polpharma  Pradeep Drug Company  Promius Pharma  Pymepharco  Qalitest  Questcor  Ranbaxy Laboratories  Ranbaxy Life Sciences Research  Ratiopharm  Ribbon  Richter-Helm  Roche  Romark Laboratories  Sabex  Sagent Acquisition Corp  Salix Pharmaceuticals  Sandoz  Sanofi  Sanofi Pasteur  Sawai Pharmaceuticals  Schein Pharmaceutical  Sekisui Medical  Shantha Biotechnics  Silom Medical Company  Sindan  Solus Pharmaceuticals  Solvay Pharmaceuticals  Somar  Specifar Pharmaceuticals S.A.  SPIL de Mexico  Spirig Pharma  Stada Arzneimittel  STARLIMS  Sun Pharmaceutical  Swisse Wellness  Taiyo  Cephalon  Taro  Technologies Inc  Teikoku Medix  Terapia S.A.  Teva Pharmaceutical Industries  The European Generic Medicines Association (EGA)  The Generic Pharmaceutical Association  TKS Pharmaceutical  Torrent Pharmaceuticals  Towa  UDL Laboratories  United Research Laboratories    URL Pharma  US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  Uteron Pharma S.A.  Valeant  Velefarm  Veropharm  VersaPharm Incorporated  Vindexpharm  VPI Holdings Corp  Warner Chilcott  Warner Lambert  Watson Pharmaceuticals  Winthrop  Wockhardt  Wyeth  Yakuhan Pharmaceuticals  ZAO Ranbaxy  Zao Sun Pharma  Zhejiang Chiral Medicine Chemicals Company  ZiO Zdorovje  Zoetis  Zydus Pharmaceuticals  Zydus Wellness   To request an exec summary of this report please email Sara Peerun at  or call Tel: +44(0)20-7336-6100  Or click on