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petroWEB Announces Enterprise DB (EDB) and Navigator Version 15.1 Release

July 8, 2015
By Business Wire News


petroWEB Inc. today announced the release of Enterprise DB and Navigator, version 15.1. EDB is a powerful PPDM-based Log and Well File data management system that can also be used as a corporate well data master providing a single solution for effective management of large volumes of subsurface data.

NAVIGATOR is a GIS-based data discovery application that provides data access, visualization and analytics federating data sources to incorporate more efficient business workflows into the work stream. EDB coupled with Navigator provides a single authoritative solution for corporate data access/visualization and management.

The new features in Navigator 15.1 provide enhanced user workflows for identifying and analyzing data from both map and database sources. Users can now launch reports directly from the map (via map pop-ups), providing faster, easier access to related data. Additional new map features, such as geo-faceting (a “heat map” displaying data results by location), provide improved interaction with spatial data. Enterprise Search within 15.1 introduces a new indexing platform (IXP) allowing users to quickly find relevant data within Databases, Map Services, and File Shares using simple google-like searches. Coupled with enhanced DataGrid functionality, users can facet, filter, group and interact with data results more effectively, assuring they find the data they are looking for.

Enterprise DB 15.1 leverages the new functionality in Navigator 15.1 and includes additional enhancements focused on data quality, visualization and speed. EDB’s new Rules Engine provides the ability to author and run data rules against EDB, identifying issues and providing comprehensive data quality reports. New data visualization features in Well Log Viewer include an integrated Tops Track and Directional Survey view, provide users a more comprehensive view of their G&G Data. Improved export performance means more rapid data delivery to users’ G&G projects.

“The 15.1 version release of EDB and Navigator represents a significant set of new capabilities enabling users to more efficiently and reliably discover, analyze and work with trusted data. New search tools, streamlined workflows, enhanced visualization and data quality measures ensure organizations always have the best possible data available to help make better informed decisions,” says Brandon Schroeder, VP Product Management.

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