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PCTEL Benchmarks Wireless Networks at DAS and Small Cell Congress Europe

December 8, 2015
By Business Wire News


PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCTI), a leader in Performance Critical Telecom solutions, benchmarked wireless networks at the DAS and Small Cells Congress Europe conference venue. During the conference, held December 8-10 in Munich, Germany, PCTEL’s Network Engineering Services (NES) group will display network engineering services reports based on the collected baseline data. PCTEL’s customers have used similar reports to maximize the effectiveness of network designs and configurations on thousands of in-building projects.

“Over the past five years, NES has established robust protocols for collecting, analyzing, and reporting in-building network performance data,” said Bob Joslin, PCTEL’s Vice President and General Manager, Network Engineering Services. “For this marquee venue, we walk-tested the network on Monday and – in a single day – benchmarked and reported on the network performance. Our global customers – carriers, neutral host providers, infrastructure vendors, and system integrators – leverage these data and reports to improve network service levels,” added Joslin.

PCTEL uses its own SeeGull® IBflex® scanning receiver connected via Bluetooth® to a tablet running SeeHawk® Touch data collection software to collect the data. The engineers rely upon post-processing tools to acquire a detailed understanding of the network, including iBwave’s analytic capabilities. In certain situations, PCTEL leverages its SeeHawk™ Analytics for cloud-based processing.

The reports will be displayed at Booth 19 on December 9 and 10, along with PCTEL’s network testing equipment and its VenU® PIM160 DAS Antenna portfolio. Attendees also have the opportunity to learn more about planning, architecting, designing, and testing DAS and small cell networks at PCTEL’s joint workshop with iBwave. The session is scheduled for December 8 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It will feature live demonstrations of SeeHawk Touch, iBwave Mobile Planner, and iBwave Mobile Note. Session participants will learn how an integrated workflow using PCTEL and iBwave software makes network planning and optimization more efficient.


PCTEL, a global provider of RF expertise, delivers Performance Critical Telecom solutions to the wireless industry. PCTEL benchmarks and optimizes wireless networks with its data tools, engineering services, and RF products. PCTEL’s antennas and site solutions are vital elements for networks serving SCADA, fleet management, health care, public safety, and education.

PCTEL’s RF Solutionsproducts and services improve the performance of wireless networks globally. PCTEL’s performance critical products include its MXflex®, IBflex®, and EXflex® SeeGull® scanning receivers and related SeeHawk® Touch, SeeHawk® Collect, and SeeWave® tools. PCTEL’s sophisticated engineering services utilize these products as well as the SeeHawk™ Analytics portfolio (Network Analytics, Subscriber Analytics, Map Analytics, and Business Intelligence).

PCTEL Connected Solutions designs and delivers performance critical antennas and site solutions for public and private wireless networks globally. PCTEL’s performance critical antenna solutions include high rejection and high performance GPS and GNSS products, the industry leading Yagi portfolio, mobile and indoor LTE, broadband, and LMR antennas and PIM-rated antennas for transit, in-building, and small cell applications. We leverage our design, logistics, and support capabilities to deliver performance critical antenna and site solutions into carrier, railroad, utility applications, oil and gas, and other vertical markets.

PCTEL’s products are sold worldwide through direct and indirect channels. For more information, please visit the company’s web sites:,, or

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Inc.

Jack Seller
Public Relations