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Pavia Systems Hosts 300 Transportation Professionals for Webinar Focused on the Growing Trend of e-Construction

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Pavia Systems, a transportation software company specializing in creating technology for organizations in the transportation infrastructure industry, recently held a peer exchange webinar to initiate a knowledge-sharing platform for the rise of e-Construction in the transportation industry. E-Construction is the collection, review, approval and distribution of highway construction contract documents in a paperless environment. The first of the virtual webinar series garnered interest from 300 transportation professionals, including representatives from 28 state departments of transportation including MnDOT, CaDOT, SCDOT, MassDOT, DDOT, MDOT, VDOT, NYSDOT, NJDOT, ODOT, TxDOT, WsDOT, PennDOT, NDOT, ADOT, KDOT, CtDOT, AlaskaDOT, NDDOT, WisDOT, IdDOT, OHDOT, HDOT, FDOT, WYDOT, CDOT, VDOT and NMDOT. Also in attendance were representatives from the federal DOT, leading industry organizations such as the FHWA and managers from top ten construction management firms.

The webinar fostered a peer-to-peer information exchange on the growing trend and evolution of e-Construction and establishing a paperless environment across the transportation infrastructure industry. Moreover, an example of e-Construction discussed was HeadLight, a software technology designed by Pavia Systems for road-owning government agencies and contractor companies to gain easier, more effective and less-costly ways for their teams to perform project inspections in the field.

The online peer-to-peer knowledge exchange was moderated by Dr. Stephen Muench,associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Washington and founding director of Greenroads. The webinar featured a panel discussion on the current implementation of e-Construction across the country and how it has a profound impact on state highway construction productivity, real-time decision-making, data quality, data availability and safety.

Panelists included Roxana Garcia, project engineer with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and Derek Case, assistant state construction engineer at the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The panel moderator, Dr. Stephen Muench, is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in engineering-related self-directed learning and usability of web-based educational materials.

“There are so many aspects of e-Construction,” said Garcia. “One of the most critical and game-changing components we’ve come to find is the level of accessibility it has, so that you can provide access to appropriate documents to different parties.”

“The utopia of e-Construction is that we have a paperless system from the inception of a project through design, construction and final records and retention,” said Case. “That’s one of the promises of the future we see with HeadLight.”

Other topics of discussion during the webinar included:

  • Processes, opportunities and procedures involved in launching new technology solutions at state DOTs
  • Challenges faced by agencies in implementing e-Construction technologies
  • Successes with specific e-Construction tools
  • Tips for gaining buy-in on your technology initiatives agency wide

“e-Construction is a critical subject for the transportation industry and the discussion by these panelists was extremely valuable for the audience,” said Si Katara, president of Pavia Systems. “While each state, city and municipality has its own way of managing construction projects, every construction project has room for improvement by implementing established e-Construction technologies that are readily available to the transportation industry.”

The peer exchange webinar was the first in a series event designed as a knowledge-sharing platform for transportation professionals to provide them with industry learnings and successes. To receive updates on future webinars, register at:

About Pavia Systems
Pavia Systems, Inc., founded in 2005, is a software technology company specializing in the transportation infrastructure industry. Our award-winning solutions provide clients with the tools they need to implement their projects electronically. Products include mobile applications for project inspection, pavement design, and online training. Our customers include large departments of transportation, contractors, equipment manufacturers, and industry related materials companies. For more information, please visit

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