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Paroc Ltd: a Quick, Easy and Comprehensive Solution: Paroc Presents PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat Fix for Insulation of Ventilation Ducts and Equipment

June 22, 2016
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Reducing potential heat loss, maintaining the transmitted air temperature at assumed levels, protecting steel elements against corrosion, ensuring acoustic comfort to end-users – these are the main tasks laid before thermal and condensation insulation of ventilation ducts and equipment. PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat Fix, a self-adhesive stone wool mat, makes it easier for builders to design and construct HVAC systems, guaranteeing both comprehensive benefits and quick fitting.

Comprehensive benefits

The non-combustible stone wool mat PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat Fix is suitable for thermal, condensation and acoustic insulation of round or rectangular ventilation and air-conditioning ducts as well as low-temperature boilers, containers and other cylindrical surfaces. The product is classified with A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire class, corresponding with the “non-combustible material” classification thus meeting requirements set out in fire protection provisions for technical insulations of HVAC systems. Low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ = 0.038 W/mK) makes it easier to reduce and control potential heat loss, while the applied aluminium foil protects against condensation on both internal and external duct surfaces, effectively preventing corrosion. In addition, the mat is characterized by high acoustic absorption and soundproofing, reducing noise generated by working ventilation and air-conditioning installations and providing high acoustic comfort inside rooms.

Quick and simple fitting

In order to fulfil its function in an efficient and effective way, the insulation of ventilation and/or air-conditioning ducts must have an appropriate thickness and – what is equally important – should be applied with maximum precision. Having the installers’ comfort in mind, PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat Fix has been fitted with a self-adhesive layer that makes it easy to secure in place. No need of using mechanical fasteners helps to avoid formation of thermal bridges, making it easier to achieve temperatures set in the project, both inside and outside insulated elements.

Expert’s advice:

Before fitting the mat, the surface to be insulated needs to be dried and cleaned up in order to remove any grease and dust. Subsequent mat sections should be cut so that they will be just longer than the external circumference of a duct or pipeline. Before application, cut out holes in the mat for any valves and branches if necessary. Start the fitting by removing the adhesive’s protective backing and then positioning the mat with the aluminium foil facing outside. The mat should be pressed tightly against the duct. Remove the subsequent sections of protective backing and insulate the remaining surfaces of the duct accordingly. After fixing the mat to the duct, cover joints (both longitudinal and circumferential) with a self-adhesive aluminium tape. If the mat is under tension e.g. in case of insulating round ducts with diameter of more than 200 mm, or in case of increased humidity, it is absolutely necessary to use additional fixings – for this purpose you can use additional aluminium tape or plastic ties . While fitting them, you should be careful not to over-tighten and damage the aluminium foil . In case of external installations, the insulation mats should be protected with an additional cladding. It is advisable for all additional materials to have appropriate certification and the method of fitting to be consistent with manufacturer’s guidelines.

Technical properties Harmonised standard: EN 14303:2009+A1:2013 Thermal Conductivity (declared) in 10 °C, λ10: 0.038 W/mK Thermal Conductivity (declared) in 50 °C, λ50: 0.047 W/mK Reaction to Fire Euroclass: A2-s1, d0 Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance: MV2 Water absorption, Short-term WS, Wp: ≤ 1 kg/m² Chloride ions, Cl-:

Dimensions Thickness: 20-50 mm is standard, other thickness to order Length: 2500-10000 mm Width: 500 or 1000 mm

Paroc is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient insulation solutions for new and renovated buildings, marine and offshore, acoustics and other industrial applications. Throughout its over 75-year history, the Finnish supplier has built a reputation for innovation, product performance, technical expertise and sustainability. Paroc aims to remain an innovative and trusted partner for a sustainable built environment.

Paroc employs around 2,020 people in its production plants in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland and Russia and in sales offices in 14 European countries.

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