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Paradise Unveils ‘Outdoor PowerMAX™’, a New Ultra-High Power SSPA System with Complete Parallel Redundancy for Critical Services, No Shelter Construction Required

March 11, 2015
By Business Wire News


Teledyne Paradise Datacom, a business unit of Teledyne Microwave Solutions,today announced the availability of Outdoor PowerMAX™, a new high power SSPA system based on the company’s existing indoor PowerMAX™. The outdoor version of PowerMAX delivers most of the same features but with the additional cost-savings and simplicity of deployment associated with outdoor HPAs.

Like the indoor version, Outdoor PowerMAX delivers complete parallel redundancy down to the embedded control level, thus allowing continuous remote communications with the system even in the event of the loss of an entire amplifier. A modular N+1 soft-fail, phase-combined system, Outdoor PowerMAX is typically used as a “self-redundant” system and can be sized so that even with the loss of an RF module, the system automatically adjusts to maintain constant output power without the need for mechanical switching.

A powerful monitor and control system enables customers to operate the system either locally or remotely and as a ‘single” chassis or a multi-module array. Unlike a typical ‘rack’ system, the modules are contained in an integrated frame that is designed to facilitate removal and replacement of a module with minimal effort. Another unique and powerful feature is “true RMS” output power measurement that reports the true RMS output power independent of the number of carriers and modulation schemes.

“Our outdoor variant of PowerMAX is the perfect solution for applications where high levels of redundant power are needed at the antenna,” said Tony Radford, Vice President of Sales for Teledyne Paradise Datacom. “By eliminating the need for an equipment-shelter and everything that goes with it – installation logistics are greatly simplified and deployment costs are reduced.”

Thanks to the modular architecture of PowerMAX, customers are not required to fully populate the system at the time of purchase, minimizing the initial capital investment while providing an easy path for upgrading as the demand for HPA output power increases over time.

Our use of the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices and proprietary linearization has allowed us to produce extremely high power-levels in the smallest possible footprints. Outdoor PowerMAX is available in a variety of configurations and can generate up to 10 kW in C band and X band, and up to 5.7 kW in Ku band.


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