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Panasonic Commercializes “Sheet-Form Encapsulation Material for Coreless Package Substrates”

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OSAKA, Japan

Panasonic Corporation announced that it has developed a sheet-form encapsulation material (CV2008 series) for coreless package substrates that enables thinner-profile and lower-cost semiconductor packages. The sheet-form encapsulation material, scheduled for mass production from June 2016, is optimized for the insulation layers of coreless package substrates. Its suitability for large-area encapsulation allows thinner packages to be manufactured at lower cost.

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Sheet Form Encapsulation Material (Graphic: Business Wire)

Sheet Form Encapsulation Material (Graphic: Business Wire)

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This new product has the following features:

  1. A sheet-form encapsulation material with a uniformly produced insulation layer thickness is ideal for the new coreless process*1, as it eliminates the need for laser drilling processing. The insulation layer for a package substrate can be produced using a large-area press process, enabling the mass production of packages at lower cost.
    – Sheet thickness is available in the range of 20 – 200 µm.
  2. The high rigidity of the thin sheet encapsulation material minimizes any warpage of packages and contributes to a thinner profile. Modulus of elasticity: 17000 MPa at 25°C.
  3. A low shrinkage rate of material ensures connection reliability to be maintained during high-temperature reflow processes, increasing the production yield of the package assembly process.
    – Shrinkage rate: 0.003%*2

*1: Copper pillar resin encapsulation process
*2: Shrinkage rate before and after IR reflow at up to 250°C, 4 passes (JIS-K6911)

Suitable applications:
Copper pillar resin encapsulation type coreless package substrates, etc.

This product was exhibited at ECTC 2016 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas,Nevada, USA, from May 31 to June 3, 2016.

About Panasonic

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