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OnePlus Corp. entering into collaborative discussions with Marathon Equipment Company

May 10, 2016
By Business Wire News


OnePlus Corp., a ParkerGale Capital portfolio company providing leading technology solutions in waste compactor automated monitoring systems, has entered into collaborative commercial discussions with Marathon Equipment Company and its strategic channel partner PragmaTech, a Canadian corporation with advanced waste equipment monitoring and diagnostics platform, to pursue mutually beneficial IP licensing and joint innovation opportunities.

The IP licensing and coordinated customer-centric initiatives under consideration involve OnePlus’ and PragmaTech’s remote capacity monitoring technologies for solid waste compactors and associated real-time data access. Both OnePlus and PragmaTech are industry leaders in developing and providing monitoring systems for compactor capacity utilization reporting and machine diagnostics. Marathon Equipment Company is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of commercial waste compaction and recycling systems.

“The Internet of Things is rapidly changing the landscape, bringing innovation and efficiencies to disposal of solid and diverted waste,” said Klaus Voss, CEO of OnePlus. “Data aggregated over sophisticated software platforms helps our clients better understand their own corporate DNA with respect to back-end costs and operational performance.”

“Integrating technology-based solutions into core products in the solid waste industry will further differentiate Marathon as a market leader and most importantly, create greater return-on-investment and attendant value for our customers,” said Danny Mauti, CEO of PragmaTech. “PragmaTech’s diagnostics and monitoring solutions for waste equipment are powered by an advanced ERP software Pandora Intelligent Networks providing transparency, automation and business intelligence to logistics and real-time data collection of our customers.”

OnePlus Corp. is focused primarily on building cost-effective sensing technology devices and aggregating data on its user-friendly software platform and delivering that to its clients. PragmaTech is focused primarily on solid waste consulting utilizing Pandora providing a full range of operational and diagnostics data for managing all aspects of waste management, including compactor performance and Life Cycle Cost analysis.

“We look forward to developing our respective IP portfolios and innovating collaboratively on new products for the market,” said Voss.

“We believe that bringing transparency, simplicity and accountability to all facets of the waste handling processes are essential in the evolution of our industry,” said Mauti. “PragmaTech, Marathon and OnePlus are committed to constant improvement through collaboration for a better tomorrow.”


Founded in 1989 with its first compaction sensor, OnePlus Corp. is a leading technology solutions in waste compactor automated monitoring systems, dedicated to bringing efficiency and near real-time transparency to the industry. OnePlus currently holds 11 patents around sensing and monitoring with pending patent applications. It has more 20,000 installations in every U.S. state — more than all of its competitors combined. OnePlus was acquired by private equity firm ParkerGale Capital in November 2015, who is an active partner dedicated to investing in and growing OnePlus into new markets such as Europe and Australia.

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