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ODU-MAC®- Advanced Modular Connector Solution Available Now in a Wide Range of Housings

December 9, 2015
By Business Wire News


ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high performance connectors, is announcing its advanced ODU-MAC® modular connector solutions available in a wide range of housings to the US market.

The ODU-MAC® is an advanced modular connector solution that offers a wide variety of connection options for applications that require connectors with high reliability, in a very limited amount of space. This has a distinct advantage when trying to manage many different cable connections into a single access point.

The different connection options available in the ODU-MAC® include: signal, high current, high voltage, coax, multi-conductor shielded, pneumatic (Air & Fluid) and fiber optic.

One of the unique features of the ODU-MAC® is that the modular insulation bodies used can be adapted to many different enclosure styles. ODU-MAC® has several different framing options for automated docking solutions, as well as a variety of housing options for manually mating connections, to cover a very wide breadth of application requirements.

The standard ODU-MAC® housing isavailable in Lever-Lock and (ODU unique) Spindle-Locking Styles. Some of the main characteristics of this housing are: rugged aluminum housing, compact/dense structure for the amount of connections included, easy-handling for manual operation, available with IP55 or IP65 protection, available with M25 and M32 cable exits, four different sizes with room for 10 to 34 units of modules (up to 340 connection points in a single connector).

The M50 Exit (XXL) Housingallows for larger cable bundles to be fed through. This is important for the high-power connections in the ODU-MAC®, since they can accommodate up to four 0 AWG (50mm2) cables in a single connector set .The housing allows for cables with larger bend radius to be used and for additional cable bundles or circuitry to be managed inside of the housing. The housing is also compatible with all of our standard housing options and it is available in lever-lock and spindle-locking.

The Corrosion-Resistant Housing isavailable with IP 68 or IP 69 sealing and also in EMC (Electrically Shielded) and corrosion resistant versions. It has a unique screw locking system to ensure the most secure housing seal and a silicone sealing O-ring.

The ODU DOCK/Heavy Duty Housinghas thecircular form factor; it can fit up to 8 units of modules in the connector. Some of the main features are: circular face-view and rectangular housing design for easy installation options, plug housing architecture provide built-in contact protection and guiding chamfer, two part housing for easy access to insert terminations, available with IP40 and IP65 mated protection, POM, nickel-plated aluminum, or black-anodized aluminum, available with EMC protection and straight and right-angle cable exits, very rugged industrial housing design, threaded locking system , IP 54 protection, cable-to-panel and cable-to-cable housing options, straight and right-angle cable exits, nickel-plated brass or black-anodized aluminum and built-in guide ring for pin and anti-rotation protection.

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The ODU Company Group: Global representation with perfect connections

ODU is one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers and employs about 1,650 people around the world. Aside from the company headquarters at Mühldorf am Inn, the ODU Group has also an international production and distribution network in Europe, North America and Asia. ODU combines all relevant areas of competence and key technologies relating to design and development, machine tool and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly. The ODU group sells its products around the world and has an international distribution network that includes eight sales companies in Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden, the USA, China and Japan, along with numerous worldwide sales partners. The ODU connectors ensure reliable transmission of power, signal, data and media in numerous demanding applications: medical technology, military and security, energy, industrial electronics, measurement and testing and automotive technology.

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