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North Pole Engineering Announces its Generation2 WASP Technology Products

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North Pole Engineering announces the release of its next generation of WASP Technology products in Minneapolis, MN.

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NPE introduced WASP-B (ANT-to-WiFi) nearly 3 years ago at the ANT+ Symposium. Since then the next generation product, WASP-N, has been developed that offers more features and functionality at about 25% lower price than WASP-B. Key features include:

  • Simultaneous management of various sensors protocols to include all of the ANT protocols (ANT/ANT+/ANT-FS) and the Bluetooth® Smart protocol.
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • On board memory
  • WASP OEM ANT network key protection
  • Bi-directional sensor communication and control
  • Currently certified for use in North America, Europe, Japan and NZ/AU.

WASP-N is the perfect technology product to support end-market solutions in the sports, fitness and wellness markets. WASP-N is also an enabling technology for other market solutions utilizing ANT and BLE sensors, such as in smart facilities, asset tracking and health care applications.

WASP-POE-2 and WASP-POE-3 {POE = Power over Ethernet}

NPE introduced WASP-POE-1 (ANT-to-Ethernet) 2 years ago. Since then we have incorporated 2 and 3 radio versions of the product that provides similar to enhanced functionality of WASP-N without the nuances of WiFi. These products are currently certified for use in North America, Europe and by July-2015 in NZ/AU. As with the WASP-N, this product has more features and functionality at about 25% lower price than the current WASP-POE-1.

About North Pole Engineering
North Pole Engineering (NPE) is an engineering products and services company that specializes in providing enabling technology to companies that offer sensor based solutions. Our goal is to help clients integrate effective technology for their sensor-based products to efficiently move sensor data to the internet. This is especially true with the proliferation of sensor devices offered in the sports, fitness and wellness markets.

NPE offers clients many options to help them create effective product solutions that extends from engineering design services to technology enabling products. We have iOS, Android, and .NET developer to help support application development needs, and we have a line of sensor products (BLAST) that can be used to compliment a client’s sensor based offering.

North Pole Engineering
Jim Meyer, 612-305-0440, ext 224


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