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New Study Shows Garlock’s GYLON BIO-PRO® Sanitary Gasket Meets Highest Industry Standards

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The Garlock family of companies is proud to announce that a new study confirmed that the GYLON BIO-PRO® sanitary gasket meets the high standards of quality and performance required for use in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries.

Independently studied by the Bio-Process Institute in North Kingstown, R.I., the gasket met or exceeded all requirements of the 2014 American Society of Mechanical Engineers bioprocessing equipment standards (ASME-BPE) for intrusion and recession characteristics.

The tests focused on three main areas of performance:

  • Fit-up and dimensional conformance
  • Process exposure (up to 500 simulated Steam-In-Place cycles and 22 hydraulic flow cycles)
  • Chemical compatibility at accelerated temperature and chemical conditions

“GYLON BIO-PRO® sanitary gaskets have been used successfully in critical pharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications around the world for nearly a decade,” said Stephen Doherty, Global Pharmaceutical Segment Leader at Garlock. “We’re pleased this study by a respected, independent institution confirms that the GYLON BIO-PRO® gasket is truly a best-in-class gasket choice.”

The GYLON BIO-PRO® gasket is defined by outstanding sealing performance and dimensional stability, allowing it to meet even the most challenging chemical and temperature requirements. A GYLON® BIO-PRO demonstration video highlighting product features and benefits is now available online at

“Garlock’s long-standing expertise in PTFE [Polytetrafluoroethylene] technology and ongoing commitment to product development continues to meet the ever-increasing demands of the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries,” said Chris Hicks, Senior Product Manager at Garlock. “We are excited about the results and look forward to the continued success of the GYLON BIO-PRO® gasket.”

Official certificates of conformance and compliance have been issued and are now available online. (See right hand column under resources: These certificates demonstrate the gasket’s excellent dimensional characteristics and can be independently audited as part of any change control procedure.

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Mari Foley
Global Marketing Communications Manager


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