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New JDA Capabilities Help to Deliver a Seamless Response to Supply Chain Disruptions

March 5, 2015
By Business Wire News


Today’s volatile business environment is characterized by frequent supply chain disruptions — from material shortages and drops in production capacity to sudden demand spikes. As evidenced in the recent JDA Vision 2015 Market Study, the amount of re-planning needed to respond to volatile market demand was rated as the number one challenge in production planning. When faced with the unexpected, historically companies have had to choose between responding rapidly and making well-considered, financially sound decisions. Now JDA Software Group, Inc. has announced new capabilities in JDA® Enterprise Supply Planning™ to target many problem areas of the supply chain — and quickly recommend corrective actions that are consistent with long-term strategic and financial goals.

Leveraged by leading manufacturers and retailers around the world, JDA Enterprise Supply Planning brings together best-of-breed products JDA Master Planning™ and JDA Supply Chain Planner™. With this foundation, JDA Enterprise Supply Planning helps companies build one globally synchronized, time-phased plan — optimizing performance across multiple supply chain partners and diverse activities such as procurement, manufacturing, distribution and inventory.

The newest release of JDA Enterprise Supply Planning features an Agile Control Tower (ACT) that eliminates the “guess and check” cycle that typically occurs when supply chain exceptions are flagged. Instead of simply providing a rapid what-if capability, JDA’s Agile Control Tower diagnoses the cause and suggests solutions from a pre-determined library of actions. It provides instant simulation of selected choices while respecting strategic priorities and projecting impact across the entire supply chain so planners can view actual cost and performance trade-offs before taking action. As a result, companies are able to course correct rapidly while still delivering the best possible results across the entire supply chain.

“In talking with our customers worldwide, one of their biggest day-to-day challenges is managing supply chain disruptions in a seamless manner that combines speed with strategy versus historically having to choose one or the other,” said Aseem Kohli, senior director of product management at JDA Software. “Based on user feedback, we’ve designed the new Agile Control Tower as a highly visual tool that shows and prioritizes any exceptions in a graphical manner, identifies the root cause, presents pre-determined courses of action, and enables the end-to-end supply chain plan to be updated with a single mouse click. JDA customers can take swift, decisive action without analysis paralysis — because there is already a ‘playbook’ of pre-configured, profitable responses they can choose from.”

Companies leveraging the newest version of JDA Enterprise Supply Planning can meet their long-term financial goals by exercising greater cost control, asset utilization and supply chain resiliency when the unexpected occurs. Because they can more closely adhere to production and delivery schedules, they can also maintain high customer service and satisfaction metrics.

The new ACT feature allows planners to make well-informed decisions quickly and increases the productivity of the overall planning process. “Historically, supply chain disruptions have been followed by a lengthy analysis cycle and what-if exercises that delayed the response and created a competitive disadvantage,” Kohli added. “With our new Agile Control Tower in JDA Enterprise Supply Planning, companies can turn disruptions into a strategic advantage, by continuing to operate in a seamless manner that maintains both service levels and profitability. In a world characterized by volatility, this feature represents a real game-changer.”

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