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New Infinea® X from Infinite Peripherals® Expedites Warehouse, Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

September 15, 2015
By Business Wire News


The new Infinea X from leading enterprise mobility solutions provider Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC), is a versatile mobile device that streamlines warehouse, logistics and supply chain operations to enhance productivity and accuracy. Attaching to the Apple® iPhone 5 or iPod touch, the MFi-certified Infinea X saves workers significant time by automating procedures and recording data that can be integrated with databases and inventory records, transmitting all information securely and wirelessly to the network in real time.

“With increased pressure to maximize productivity in warehouse, supply chain and logistics operations, companies are taking advantage of new, user-friendly technology that helps improve efficiency to remain competitive,” said Mark Uppaluri, senior director of strategy at IPC. “Coupled with iOS software, the Infinea X is an ideal tool that markedly enhances what typically can be tedious, error-prone or paper-heavy tasks across a variety of industries.”

Working with customized software, the lightweight, portable Infinea X features a 2D imager, capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes, plus RFID read/write capabilities, multi color LED visualsand a microphone/speaker system to allow for communication through the iOS device.

With a ruggedized case featuring protective, tempered glass and IP54+ dust/fluid protection, and a four-foot drop impact, the Infinea X can withstand demanding warehouse environments. Hot-swappable batteries charge both the Infinea X and the iOS device, and keep the unit operational for entire shifts with no downtime.

Programmable LED visual and audible alerts, which are controllable through the application/universal SDK, enhance immediate communication, with a green light indicating correct barcode scanning, for instance, and a red light showing an incorrect barcode. Or a green light could indicate a new order; a yellow light noting an issue with an order; and a red light, a high priority order requiring instant attention.

The front speaker, enhanced rear speaker and microphone allow for convenient integration with a variety of communications software solutions. The Infinea X is VOIP-compatible, and provides Buetooth® 2.0 connectivity for legacy applications.

Available in black or white, the Infinea X can be used with several accessories, including a trigger grip (coming soon).

For more details, please visit, or contact IPC at or 866-278-7860.

Infinite Peripherals Background

The first company to mobilize iOS for enterprise, Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC) is leading the mobility revolution with its enterprise mobility solutions, including the Linea Pro® and Infinea Tab®, which multiple major retailers in the United States have adopted to enhance customer engagement, increase conversion rates and build business. IPC’s NFC-enabled products simplify adoption of new contactless payments, such as Apple Pay™, and its Infinea® BluePad facilitates EMV payments with a contact chip smart card reader and PIN entry. Anticipating trends and pre-empting solutions for a constantly evolving business landscape, IPC’s enterprise mobility products also optimize operations in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, warehouse and logistics, entertainment and security. For more information, please visit Connect with us at and

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