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New Context and Blackrock 3 Partners Create Comprehensive ‘Prepare & Respond’ Offering for Fortune 500 Companies, Government Agencies

June 23, 2016
By Business Wire News


New Context, the leading provider of Lean Security for software and infrastructure development, today announced its partnership with Blackrock 3 Partners, Inc., a leader in incident management. Blackrock 3 translates decades of experience in Fire Department, Special Operations and critical infrastructure into best practices for Incident Management in IT operations.

The partnership creates the first-ever comprehensive “Prepare & Respond” infrastructure protection offering, which includes:

  • Assessment:Master assessment scores designed to gauge the maturity levels of the customer’s overall security and compliance readiness in accordance with Lean Security and Incident Management practices and principles with a focus on the skills of the team and how they manage unplanned events.
  • Infrastructure Roadmap: A custom decision-making template designed to provide the security & infrastructure team with a clear path to reduce risk and manage incidents.
  • Training/Workshops/Exercises: Hands on, single or multi-day intensive educational sessions on-site for engineering and operations leaders and executives.

The platform is designed to benefit executives at Fortune 500 companies and large governmental or nonprofit organizations, who are chartered with safeguarding both physical and IT infrastructures. This includes COOs, CTOs, CIOs, CSOs and others responsible for business continuity and online and offline security.

“With this partnership, we can now train enterprises not only on Lean Security principles, but in end-to-end security preparedness, incorporating both online and offline best practices,” said Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context. “Our Lean Security methodology builds organizations that are prepared to handle cyber security breaches and their repercussions via proprietary specialized threat intelligence systems and technologies. But, cyber preparedness is only half of the equation. When disaster does strike, Blackrock 3 has created an offline incident management framework to reduce downtime and restore IT environments back to normal operations. By combining our product and service offerings and expertise, we’ve created the strongest critical infrastructure protection possible for the enterprise.”

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Blackrock 3 is co-founded by retired Special Operations Fire Chief Rob Schnepp; experienced Internet, technology and data center executive Ron Vidal; and hazardous materials/counterterrorism expert and consultant for the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction/Hazardous Materials training program, Chris Hawley.

Added Vidal: “The practice of incident management has been successfully battle-tested over the last 40 years by public safety agencies across the United States. We believe the Fire Department model is the best first response methodology for IT incidents, and we have created best practices for businesses and other large organizations based on that model. The combination of our methodologies and New Context’s industry-leading solutions is creating a comprehensive offering that is truly one of a kind.”

Jesse Robbins, founder and CEO of Orion Labs, Chef, the Velocity conference, and an early leader of the DevOps movement, concluded, “This partnership answers a critical need in the industry. New Context’s Lean Security combined with Blackrock 3’s expertise in incident management is the first holistic approach that allows enterprises to build, scale, secure and prepare for any event.”

About New Context

New Context delivers Lean Security™ through hands-on technical and management consulting. We are a team of experts with extensive backgrounds in information security and scalable, secure application development. Our tools and processes streamline development frameworks to ensure transparent and secure IT software development within DevOps processes. New Context is headquartered in San Francisco.

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About Blackrock 3 Partners, Inc.

Blackrock 3 Partners, Inc. prepares organizations to minimize downtime during high severity IT incidents. With deep global experience in incident management and critical infrastructure, the Partners assess, train, evaluate and exercise individuals and teams responsible for operations, site reliability, cybersecurity, and technical support. The Partners have authored 14 books, most recently Incident Management for Operations.

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