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N.S.T. New Science Technologies Ltd. Finds Missing Link between Drone Images and Ready to Use Agricultural Data.

July 5, 2016
By Business Wire News


N.S.T. New Science Technologies Ltd. has recently started the usage of images, taken by drones in their system, Cropio. The company enabled this option in order to make the data they provide their clients with even more clear and efficient.

N.S.T. New Science Technologies Ltd. claims to be the first one to have this benefit.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Cropio is the first and the only farm management system that involves drones as an additional source of the data they work with:

We are constantly researching agricultural industry in order to make Cropio the top-notch product. Moreover, we closely interact with our customers, listen to them and do everything to meet their needs.

We know that a large number of our clients use drones to get more detailed images. That’s why we made it possible for them to upload these pictures directly into the system. Now, they can use this data along with the satellite images and other functions in order to adjust the processes more precisely”, says Anna Moren.

Thanks to drone-taken images, clients will be able to receive detailed information on particular areas, where images taken by the satellite cannot deliver the desired result. Also, they will be able to control vegetation index and plan different agricultural operations.

About N.S.T New Science Technologies Ltd: N.S.T is an agriculture-directed company with R&D and processing centers in the US and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2008, N.S.T. is a developer and integrator of its core product, Cropio – field management and vegetation control system that enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations.

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