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MPR Continues Leadership of MAN Users Group

November 3, 2015
By Business Wire News


MPR Associates Inc. ( has kicked off its sixteenth year of leadership of the MAN Users Group (MUG). The MUG provides an independent forum to effectively share performance and reliability experience among its constituents, inviting active dialogue between membership, vendors, and the OEM – MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. MPR has been the major influence on creating and supporting the MUG to focus on addressing technical and maintenance issues on MAN Model 48/60 and 32/40 diesel generators. MUG members include representatives from 22 power plants (utilities).

The 15th Annual MUG Conference was held last week in Paramaribo, Suriname (South America). The 2015 Conference was attended by utility members, vendors, and MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. Attendees traveled from 16 different countries around the world.

About MPR

MPR Associates facilitates the leadership of five diesel generator industry groups whose owners and/or users share common application of particular engine make(s)/model(s). MPR is an employee-owned specialty engineering and management services firm founded in 1964 and headquartered in Alexandria, VA. MPR provides solutions to clients in the energy, federal government, and health and life sciences industries. The company benefits its clients by delivering innovative, safe, reliable and cost-effective technical solutions across the entire project or product life-cycle. For more information, please visit

About MUG

The MAN User’s Group (MUG) is a forum of independent member diesel generator power plants, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and other power industry representatives founded to exchange technical information relating to MAN Model 48/60 diesel engines and MAN Model 32/40 diesel engines. For more information, please visit the MUG website:

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