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Mohan’s Custom Tailors Discusses 4 Tips for Wearing a Man’s Suit

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NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Mohan’s Custom Tailors, located in New York City, provides premiere custom suits for men at a reasonable price. With over four decades of experience in the garment industry, Mohan’s uses only the finest fabrics and sewing patterns to ensure every product that leaves the store is of the highest quality and best fit.

A man’s suit, when tailored and worn properly, can make any man ready for success. Suits represent sophistication–they represent class, elegance, and drive. With that being said, wearing a suit properly is not as simple as just having the suit measured and tailored. Mohan discusses 4 important tips to remember when wearing that perfect suit:

Leave the bling with the celebrities

When a man wears a suit, he should be classy, not flashy. Some men feel that excessively wearing fancy jewelry will enhance their images and appearances. However, as experienced tailors and suit-makers will agree, wearing a suit is all about being low-key and reserved. A man should wear no more than two accessories–for example, one ring and one watch is appropriate. Wearing additional accessories creates a negative impression that looks like a man is trying too hard to be impressive. Let the suit speak for itself and remember, “Less is more.”

Contrasting is important

Contrasting colors will make a man look sophisticated and unique. For example, dark pocket squares would pair perfectly with light colored suits. The benefit of this is that one’s appearance will be bold and different, while not breaking the “bling rule” established previously. The human eye naturally responds well to contrasting colors, so any man can be assured that using the contrasting color method will add style to any suit, separating himself from others and making a lasting impression.

Make your accessories count

Accessories can be used properly with a man’s suit. For example, watches are commonly paired with a man’s suit, and one does not even need to have an expensive watch to look classy. It’s all about the design, and how well it pairs with the suit. However, keep in mind that plastic watches or bright colored digital watches generally do not go well with suits. A man is not only limited to watches–some men prefer to wear a ring, whether it is made of gold, silver, or anything in between. Pairing a gold ring with a dark colored suit makes for the perfect contrast.

The suit must fit

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the suit must fit properly. Price is not always positively correlated with the quality and fit of a suit. For example, going to a small tailoring shop could provide a man with a better experience than having him order an expensive suit that is not custom made or tailored. If the suit fits, the steps above should fall into place. Wear your suit with confidence, and success will follow.

Mohan’s Custom Tailors is a boutique shop located in New York City that aims to provide an alternative to overpriced designer clothing. The custom tailor shop seeks to make suit shopping for men more of an experience and less of a wallet thinner. Mohan’s is particularly skilled in satisfying hard-to-fit customers, with the ability to fit any size man- big or small. By focusing on custom-made and tailored suits, Mohan’s never lets a customer leave unsatisfied.

Media Contact: Mike Mohan, Mohan’s Custom Tailors, 212-697-0050,

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