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MHG, a Biotechnology Company Becomes World Leader in the Production of PHA

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Today, MHG’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul A. Pereira announced the company has become the world’s largest producer of PHA with the startup of their first commercial scale fermenter. This event, along with an advanced technology platform, continues to place MHG at the forefront of the bioplastics industry.

This new fermentation vessel places MHG in an ideal position to meet the product delivery needs of their manufacturing customers worldwide. MHG has been working over the last couple years to ramp up the Bainbridge facility and in 2013, they brought in a world class engineering and construction group to design and buildout the plant. This expansion included the ordering and installation of custom equipment that will allow MHG to produce even greater quantities of PHA in the near future.

“Every single person, whether they are inland or on the coast has been affected in some way by plastic debris,” remarked Pereira. “The plastic we have seen and touched will be there for several generations, adversely affecting our environment. At MHG, we believe PHA is the solution for a healthier planet and operating this new fermentation vessel will allow us to increase production of this solution to combat the problem of plastic waste.”

MHG previously partnered with Tate & Lyle, global provider of specialty ingredients and solutions to test the scalability of Nodax™ PHA. The production rates and titers achieved exceeded the metrics needed for commercial production viability. This confirmed that MHG’s PHA can be scaled for commercialization.

MHG’s PHA possesses properties that perform equal to, if not better than, most petrochemical plastics. Due to its unique molecular structure, MHG’s PHA can be custom formulated to create different types of polymers based on the specific purposes and client’s needs. The PHA can be used to manufacture many items commonly made of petroleum plastics including toys, cups, straws, utensils, single use plastic bags and many other disposable items that are entering the waste streams worldwide. Because products manufactured from Nodax PHA biodegrade in three months to one year, they provide a solution to plastic pollution and accumulation when used instead of conventional plastic.

MHG’s PHA has been certified to degrade in soil, fresh water, marine water, industrial compost and home compost by Vinçotte International. The PHA is also approved for food substance contact by the FDA.

In addition to this new piece of customized equipment, MHG will be presenting at the International Conference on Biopolymers and Bioplastics, which will be taking place August 10th through the 12th in San Francisco.

To learn more about the company as they continue to progress, please visit the website Be sure to also follow the company on Facebook (MHG), Linkedin (MHG (Meredian Holdings Group)), and Twitter (@MHGbio) to stay up to date regarding latest news with the company and in the industry. The company also has a Youtube channel and Pinterest where you can view their solution for a healthier planet.

About MHG:

Meredian Holdings Group, Inc., also known as MHG, is the holding company of Meredian Inc., a recognized world leader in the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and DaniMer Scientific, L.L.C., a specialist in the customization of biopolymer formulations that combine PHA, PLA and other biopolymers through a proprietary reactive extrusion process. Supported by a world-class group of dedicated, highly skilled team members, MHG offers a comprehensive selection of biopolymers that support the company’s core values of utilizing sustainable and renewable bioplastics to improve people’s lives at work and home. MHG and its subsidiaries currently own more than 125 patents across nearly 20 countries.MHG is headquartered in Bainbridge, Ga.

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