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Mexico’s FOVIC Chooses AlertDriving to Help Fleets Manage Safety across an Entire Enterprise—down to Each Driver

March 31, 2015
By Business Wire News


AlertDriving, the global leader in driver risk management, today announced a significant new addition to its fast-growing channel partnership program. Already the driver trainer of choice among global businesses in Mexico, FOVIC will gain unprecedented marketing tools and incentives to further expand its risk management business: as a certified a ADvantage channel partner, the company can now offer fleets a fully integrated, behavior-based risk management solution through FleetDefenseSM, the world’s most extensive driver safety program.

Up to 40% of traffic accidents involve a driver either on the job or traveling to work. Drivers need to anticipate hazards early, and if they don’t, fleet managers have no way of knowing what went wrong—not unless they can see into a driver’s mind. Accident reports, telematics and driver self-reporting may shed some light on events that lead to a crash, but hard, actionable data on driver attitude is typically scarce. FOVIC’s brand of low-cost, high impact solutions changes that.

Imagine if trainers could identify potential high-risk drivers before a crash—FOVIC already does, assessing drivers’ skill and knowledge in real work situations, ultimately to isolate potential risk factors. Once identified, each factor is then targeted with a range of specific preventative measures that include in-car training, theory-based courses, workshops and road safety audits. But perhaps most remarkable in FOVIC’s approach is that it encourages positive behavioral change by sensitizing participants to the risks associated with driving.

As an ADvantage partner offering FleetDefenseSM, FOVIC can now synchronize its programs enterprise-wide with personalized courses for each and every driver.

“FleetDefenseSM, with its lightning-fast delivery, expands what FOVIC already does—but with built-in metrics allowing fleets to see their risk exposures at the driver, regional or global level,” explains Rob Martin, Vice President of Sales at AlertDriving. “FOVIC can screen thousands of drivers for high-risk behaviors yet still scale down to individual deficiencies, ensuring each driver receives a targeted training experience mapped to their specific risk.”

ABOUT FOVIC CORPORATIVA S.C.: With offices from Azcapotzalco and Coyoacan to Mexico City, FOVIC is the country’s leading provider of certified driver safety training. TransCanada, GSK, DICO and a host of other global businesses in Mexico are using FOVIC to mitigate their liability exposure—discover which of your drivers poses an accident risk. Let Mexico’s best-in-class driver trainer assess your fleet today. Visit:

ABOUT ALERTDRIVING: With over 1 million drivers trained, AlertDriving is dedicated to helping global fleets identify, mitigate and monitor their risk exposure. FleetDefenseSM, the company’s driver risk management suite, combines training in over 100 languages with built-in metrics giving fleets standardized risk reporting anywhere in the world.

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