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Master Rig International Announces Installation of Top Drive Dynamometer in Houston Headquarters

May 11, 2016
By Business Wire News


Master Rig International (MRI) announces installation of a top drive dynamometer at their Houston headquarters. In order to broaden their support of oil and gas drilling contractors domestically and worldwide. The new top drive dynamometer will allow full load testing of all makes and models of AC/DC and hydraulic systems up to 2,000 hp and generate real time data for their customers. MRI has the ability to test the largest top drives manufactured today. Services will include full data documentation packages of inspection, repair, rebuild, recertification, and parts for top drive systems.

Keith Jensen, Top Drive and Pipe Handling Manager, will be at the forefront of this expansion at Master Rig International. Keith has been in the top drive maintenance and certification industry for over 25 years. Throughout his career, he has worked as a Field Service Technician and Senior Training Instructor for a leading drilling equipment OEM and most recently for a rig builder/drilling contractor. Keith said, “Master Rig International is always searching for innovative products and services that will benefit our customers. Progressing one step closer to better meeting industry demands, the dynamometer gives us the capability to fully inspect, repair, recertify and test our customer’s top drives at our facility.”

About Master Rig International

Master Rig International (MRI), headquartered in Houston, TX, is a parts, equipment and service provider to independent drilling contractors and other drilling-related companies in the upstream exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry. MRI’s in-depth services range from teardown, inspection, assessment service, refurbishment, repair of drilling equipment, fabrication, media blast and coating, to domestic and international on-site consultation, delivering a quality, reliable product each and every time. Visit for more information.

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