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“magictron” Will Change the Digital Signage Sony Digital Entertainment Develops World First 4K Interaction

March 11, 2016
By Business Wire News


Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc.

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SXSW2016 TradeShow:

SXSW2016 TradeShow: “magictron” from Sony Digital Entertainment will change the digital signage. (Photo: Business Wire)

Exhibiting 2 social communication tools that connect the town, smartphones and people.
Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc., a social designing company that provides new types of communication experiences through smartphones, will attend SXSW2016 TradeShow (March 13 – 16 / Location: Austin, TX) for the first time. Sony Digital will provide two new promotional experiences.

“magictron”: the 4K interaction. Stimulates consumers into understanding the brand intuitively.
“magictron” is an interactive signage where consumers can be part of the brand whilst enjoying interactive experiences. With the image recognition technology, the reflection of the consumer in the large monitor produces various creative effects. “magictron” creates commercial photos of consumers, which are sharable through SNS. A mobile version of “magictron” is also provided on their SXSW2016 website.

[magictron’s characteristics]

  • Understands the “distance” between the camera and a person, it shows interactive animations surrounding him or her.
  • Recognizes specific objects and designs.
  • Recognizes facial expressions, and shows corresponding effects
  • High-resolution movies enabled by 4K cameras and 4K displays
  • High quality creative directions from a DNA of Sony Pictures

“NINJAINK”: Secret messages by special ink. Gives consumers simple excitement.
“NINJAINK” is a new ink technology that provides the brand message to the consumers with hidden graphics appearing from a smartphone’s flash. Without any apps, this ink technology surprises and attracts consumers in a way that AR or projection mapping cannot achieve. “NINJAINK” stimulates the consumers into sharing their experiences via SNS.

The Company Website for SXSW2016

Company Overview
Company: Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc.
Founded: 2007/4
CEO: Atsushi Fukuda
Address: 8-1 35F Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to, 104-0044 Japan
TEL: +81-3-5551-0871 FAX: +81-3-5551-0842
Business: Social designing / Digital contents business including animations, movies, characters / Planning new services / Technology development / Creation / Website management

Contact for press release / interviews
Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc.
Masato Ito, +81-3-5551-0871
Global Marketing Division