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Lectromec Announces ISO 17025:2005 Certification

June 23, 2015
By Business Wire News


Lectromec, a leading technology and engineering firm offering full life-cycle assessment, testing, and analysis services for aerospace wiring systems, today announced its aerospace wire testing lab has earned the coveted ISO 17025:2005 certification. It is the first aerospace wire and cable testing lab in the world to earn this quality assurance certification.

The ISO 17025:2005 is an internationally known certification that indicates the aerospace wire laboratory at Lectromec has passed a rigorous inspection and is technically competent. The designation, granted by deeming authority Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc., also affirms that Lectromec is committed to continuous improvement and communication with customers.

Maintenance of aircraft wiring is becoming an important trend for both military and commercial aerospace. There are three primary driving factors for this increasing interest:

  1. Fuel: In an attempt to control fuel costs, aerospace engineers are looking at replacing heavy electro-mechanical systems with much lighter electronic systems. Although this change will make aircraft lighter, this places additional requirements on the electrical system with a focus on higher reliability standards on the wires and cables.
  2. New electronics: Commercial aircraft have electronic devices never dreamed of twenty years ago. Music, video, wireless services all add to the electrical load on aircraft. The increased number of wires and cables has pushed maintenance personnel to more regularly interact and maintain an aircraft’s Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS).
  3. Miles flown: According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the last ten years has seen a 10% increase in domestic, scheduled, passenger miles flown.

These factors and regulatory requirements of EWIS airworthiness are requiring a more thorough wiring system assessment and analysis in coordination with the other aircraft systems.

According to company president Michael Traskos, “The growth of the aerospace industry has increased demand on the wire and cable industry for improved quality.”

Lectromec’s wire and cable testing laboratory complies with standards for ISO 17025:2005. This ensures that Lectromec is maintaining equipment to specific standards and uses acceptable mathematical methods to calculate results for more than one hundred wire and cable evaluation and test methods. This certification verifies that Lectromec’s quality control process creates repeatable and reliable test results. Finally, completion of the certification assures data is presented in an appropriate format.

Lectromec has been serving the aerospace community since 1984. Michael Traskos indicates, “The aerospace community is moving toward higher voltages and higher currents from aircraft power systems. EWIS component manufacturers and system integrators able to show data supporting increased reliability, improved safety, and reduced costs will have a competitive advantage. The ISO certification shows Lectromec’s commitment to helping the industry meet these challenges.”

About Lectromec:

Lectromec is a Chantilly, Virginia based technology and engineering firm offering full life-cycle assessment, testing, and analysis services for aircraft wiring systems. Their services range from component testing, wire arc damage analysis, EWIS component degradation supporting aircraft life extension, and turn-key solutions for wire system risk assessment necessary for aircraft certification. Lectromec’s suite of tools and technology include the patented EWIS RAT (Electrical Wire Interconnection System Risk Assessment Tool) software. Lectromec also offers other services in aircraft wiring testing, wire management services for various platforms, as well as research and design. Lectromec is led by an internationally known aerospace wire expert, Michael Traskos. He is a recognized authority on EWIS as well as being a Designated Engineering Representative.

John Gilroy, Director of Marketing