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Leading Chinese IT Company Hanvon Brings Four Innovative Technologies to MWC2015

March 4, 2015
By Business Wire News


At MWC2015, Hanvon (002362.SZ) gained enormous attention with its four core technologies, namely the Handwriting Recognition (HWR) Technology, the Internet of Vehicles Technology, the Electronic Signing, and the OCR Technology.

Visitor to Hanvon's booth at MWC 2015 (Photo: Business Wire)

Visitor to Hanvon’s booth at MWC 2015 (Photo: Business Wire)


Hanvon is the first in the world to apply the HWR technology to the hand-held terminals. HWR as Hanvon’s core technology supports a full recognition range, covering large character sets and multiple languages, and features low consumption and high-level code security. This technology has been widely applied in industries including finance, automotive and education.

Big Step for Internet of Vehicles

As a new human-vehicle-road technology, Internet of Vehicles has been gradually accepted. Intelligent and convenient, it will enjoy a continuous growth. Again Hanvon’s HWR technology will be key to enabling the communication between the vehicle terminals and the drivers.

So far, auto manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, GM and Lexus have adopted Hanvon’s HWR technology in their vehicle terminals, which helps drivers give more accurate instructions.

Electronic Signing

Hanvon’s electronic signing produces an output that is the same as “the original handwriting” and provides an experience like writing on real paper. Hanvon’s electromagnetic pen is a patented technology. This pen gives users a natural writing experience with its unique “wireless passive” patent technology.

At present, Hanvon electronic signing technology is widely used in our daily life, such as banking, telecommunication, education, hospitals, hotels and so on.

Leading OCR Market

Hanvon’s OCR technology is designed to recognize multi-language text, invoices, receipts, business cards, Passports/ID cards, bar codes and more. It can be applied in banks, financial institutions, taxation, telecommunication, transportation and many more. In addition, based on OCR Hanvon has developed a title recognition system in mathematics, physics, and chemistry to help online education websites recognize math problems submitted by users in the form of pictures and scan copies. Many well-known learning-machine manufacturers and online education institutions have established cooperation with Hanvon.

Hanvon expects to showcase its technologies and further strengthen its good reputations in the industry at this year’s MWC. In the future, Hanvon will continue to focus on the mobile Internet field and bring more new technologies to the marketplace.

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