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LCR Embedded Systems Open-Standards-based Train Control and Communications Platform Enables Freight Rail Interoperability

July 8, 2015
By Business Wire News


LCR Embedded Systems, a leading provider of chassis, backplanes, and integrated systems for the aerospace, defense, and rugged industrial market, has announced today the availability of its AAR-compliant LS-9101 Train Control and Communications Platform for the implementation of open-standards-based control and communications for the freight rail transportation industry.

As an open-standards-based chassis and backplane assembly, the LS-9101 can be populated by the customer or by LCR Embedded Systems with the blades and management equipment of the customer’s choice and shipped as a completed, custom communications-based train control platform. Thus, the LS-9101 will offer much greater flexibility to freight railroads as they begin the process of implementing communications-based train control on non-passenger rail lines. LCR Embedded’s industry-leading reputation for rapid turnaround on projects with unique requirements adds even more value to the LS-9101.

“The American rail industry has already had to deploy a significant amount of data collection and communication infrastructure to achieve Positive Train Control or PTC, and these safety-critical features will help protect lives and property,” said John Long, VP of Integrated Systems for LCR Embedded Systems. “Railroads have also realized that, with this infrastructure in place, PTC can also be used to operate their train lines more efficiently – effectively using the real-time management capability of the PTC-enabled infrastructure to maximize the ‘throughput’ of the country’s rail freight network.”

“The position of LCR Embedded Systems is that the implementation of a truly open standard allows the rail industry to innovate in this direction and avoid vendor lock-in,” Long added. “Our approach of a completely open-standards-based platform allows the industry to drive that implementation to meet its specific needs.”

The LS-9101 platform uses the Association of American Railroads’ (AAR) Ancillary Card Cage form factor and can be used to support Positive and Communications-Based Train Control, as well as video storage and cell modem applications. The 8-slot platform has one master slot and seven application slots, which are connected to one another via a robust Dual Star fabric; the power supply card can be placed in any application slot.

More information on the LS-9101 Train Control and Communications Platform can be found at in addition to contact information for LCR Embedded Systems’ national network of sales representatives.

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