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Larson Electronics Releases 24 Volt Infrared and Visible Light Remote Control Spotlight

August 11, 2015
By Business Wire News

KEMP, Texas

Leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade lighting Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new infrared and visible light combination LED remote control spotlight with a hard wired dash remote.

The GL-4600-M magnetic mount LED spotlight from Larson Electronics is a motorized 24 volt spotlight designed for military operations. This light is housed within a carbon fiber and ABS blend housing for impact and heat resistance and is combined with a magnetic mounting base and stainless steel hardware. The visible light has a working distance of 949 meters while the infrared emitters produce a 950NM wavelength, providing complete covert illumination. This unit features hard wired remote control operation that allows users to rotate the light 360° with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 180°. Remote operation is provided by one panel mount wired remote controller with a four way directional joystick and a three position rotary switch for illumination control. The functions include a 3-way rotary switch for visible, off, and infrared illumination control. Up, down, left and right movement is controlled by a 4-way joystick with auto engage 2-speed function. The light will continue movement as long as the joystick is held in position. Releasing the joystick stops movement and holds the light in position. A home button and a programmable azimuth position feature allow operators to quickly position the light to the home position or preprogrammed position at the push of a button. This light is magnetically mounted with a 200 pound grip magnetic base that is tested to 85 miles per hour.

“This new remote control spotlight is for covert military operations while providing a bright white visible light in one unit,” said Rob Bresnahan with “The GL-4600-M produces 950 nanometers of infrared light, providing the most discreet infrared lighting available.”

Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of LED light towers, portable power distribution systems, explosion proof lights for hazardous locations, portable work lights and industrial grade LED area lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ entire line of lighting by visiting them on the web at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.

Larson Electronics
Robert Bresnahan, 1-800-369-6671