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KRS Technologies Introduces Food-Based Coatings for Grease Resistant Paper

June 25, 2015
By Business Wire News


KRS Technologies LLC (“KRS”) has developed Safkote, a line of food-based coatings that are composed exclusively of GRAS (“generally regarded as safe”) components. The water-based coatings can be applied to paper on existing roll coaters at high speeds and are heat cured in seconds. These coatings exhibit grease resistance at the highest level (12) of a 3M Kit Test.

Current grease resistant coatings are typically applied to fast food packaging and include components such as wax, fluorocarbons, or plastics. Sustainability or toxicity issues have been associated with such components. The Safkote product family provides food-safe, effective products that are primarily based on readily available non-toxic and renewable commodities found globally.

About KRS

KRS, a technology resource, provides coating formulations and application expertise based on more than 75 years of experience. Available intellectual property includes UV curable coatings for automotive applications and print & packaging applications with exceptional chemical and scratch-resistance.

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KRS Technologies LLC
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