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June 30, 2016
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TD The Market Publishers Ltd. brings you the latest breaking news on selected global markets as well as market research expertise. Become aware of the recent marketing research and industry news, find out about the emerging market challenges and opportunities, get unique information about the market current performance and gain an idea of possible future scenario, and also learn about competitive pressures. Market research has always been recognised by prosperous businessmen as one of the most essential aspects, therefore, Market Publishers is always ready to give a hand in business operations, decision-making and strategy-planning offering an extensive collection of topical research studies, databooks and periodical publications covering various markets on different geographical scales.

Market Publishers presents June hot news on a number of selected markets:

Vaccines Market

The market for pediatric vaccines is gathering steam from pole to pole given the surging awareness about the significance of children’s wellbeing and health. Pediatric vaccines are utilised to prevent manifold diseases, like hepatitis A and B, measles, flue, infantile paralysis, diphtheria, and tetanus. Increasing non-government and government financial assistance for vaccines development is the main factors driving the pediatric vaccine market. The increasing incidence rate of diseases like hepatitis, flue and HPV has also pushed up the demand for pediatric vaccines globally. However, there are some hindrances the vaccines industry is facing, namely concerns about vaccine safety, shortages and delays, vaccine development time line as well as entry barriers for new manufacturers. Pneumococcal vaccines represented the most popular segment as of 2015, with DTaP vaccines following after. Infectious diseases segment is poised to register the fastest growth in the offing. With respect to geography, North America takes the lead in the global pediatric vaccine marketplace, followed by Europe. Meantime, APAC is likely to see the highest growth in the years to come, mainly driven by the high birth rates in India and China. A slew of comprehensive research reports covering the vaccines markets on various geographical levels are available in Market Publishers’ Vaccines Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

Tobacco Market

In Belgium, the number of smokers is expected to drop in the upcoming years following the launching of the anti-tobacco plan in this country. As a result, the percentage of smokers is predicted to be under 17 percent, while it currently stands at slightly over 18 percent. Cigarettes may become less addictive in Canada since the local government has started to pay much attention to this issue. In the meantime, restrictions related to tobacco smoking in Shanghai may be extended in the offing. There are currently 13 public areas (e.g. primary schools) where smoking is under the ban. Find more details on the tobacco market trends in numerous reports available in the Tobacco Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

Software Development Market

AC drives are widely exploited in the process industries to give a boost to the energy efficiency of AC electrical motors. The worldwide market for AC drives is projected to grow at around 7.55% CAGR through 2019. Amid the key drivers of the sector’s growth one can name the increasing urbanisation and industrialisation worldwide. The market has also seen the various governmental policies and regulations aimed at boosting energy efficiency. However, dearth of knowledge about what advantages AC drives have is one of the major challenges to the market’s expansion and growth. Meantime, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are gathering speed globally. This software application finds extensive use in such industries as automotive, electrical and electronics, aerospace & defense, and energy. Forecasts say the world CFD market will expand at 13.6% CAGR until 2019, fuelled largely by the availability of high-performance computing systems, among others. However, unprecise prediction of flow behavior of fluids for highly complex geometries could pose a challenge to the market growth. The up-to-the-minute reports on the various software development market sectors are available in the Software Development Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

Property Insurance Market

In the UK, household insurance premiums experienced two years of decreases – in 2012 and in 2013. This category of insurance, nevertheless, stayed profitable though the decline took place. However, shift occurring in the distribution model and growing expenses represent a threat of future profitability. Direct Line Group is in the top three of local household insurers, while mid-tier companies gradually deepen their footprint in the marketplace. Some other prominent players comprise: Ageas, Axa UK Plc, Zurich Insurance Plc, and more. Premium growth is forecast to be around 1.18 percent by 2018 in the country. More information of property insurance market trends is available in topical studies available in the Property Insurance Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

Polymers Market

The world polyurethane (PU) microspheres marketplace is poised to amount to USD 88.01 million by 2024-end. The main demand driver is set to be the increasing use of PU microspheres as encapsulants in drug delivery system and crop protection. Encapsulation is the most popular application area, accounting for more than 45% of the overall market volume as of 2015. Paints & coating will likely see the fastest growth of 5.3% through 2024, driven by surging use of PU based paints serving as a flattening agent in automotive coatings and wood floor furnishings. Europe dominated the global market, accounting for demand share of more than 34% as of 2015. APAC is likely to the most rapidly growing regional market due to increasing industrial base and the rise of major end-use sectors like electronics and construction. Meantime, the global market for emulsion polymers is forecast to be worth USD 56.86 million by end-2024. Their favourable characteristics such as fast drying ability and water resistance are expected to fuel overall industry demand. A whole collection of the latest reports on different polymersmarkets are available in the Polymers Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

Travel & Leisure Market

In Argentina, local air travel market players are expected to face tougher competition from each other in the nearest term due to government’s intention to increase exponentially the number of flights over the period 2016-2020. In H1 2016, the number grew by more than 13.8 percent. A new player – Avianca (HQ in Colombia) – will join the race in December 2016, and some other overseas companies may enter the Argentinean market in the upcoming years, too. In 2016, there will be around 6.8 million arrivals in the domestic inbound tourism market. In 2018, this figure is forecasts to reach 7.3 million. Read more on the travel and leisure market in Argentina and other countries in research publications provided in the Travel & Leisure Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

Alternative Energy Market

The energy mix of the Nordic countries is chiefly led by hydropower. Thermal captured one sixth of the total electricity production in this region as of 2015. Renewable energy sources grab nearly 20% of the electricity produced across the region, and are dominated by wind and biomass power. The prices for electricity in the Nordic region have decreased in the past few years, with the present energy price rates being the lowest in past 12 years. This price fall is due to a reduction in overall demand on the back of comparably warmer weather since 2013, and a drop in coal and oil prices, resulting in a hike in thermal generation. The low energy costs have propelled the growth of less expensive energy resources like hydro and thermal, whilst the comparably costly solar and wind resources have been impacted adversely. However, in the mid-term renewable energy sources are expected to keep on growing due to the adoption of targets for renewable energy country-wise, steady energy prices, and the incessantly declining cost of generating power from renewables, which is thus creating the project viability. The new and comprehensive research publications on the various alternative energy sectors can be found in the Alternative Energy Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

Data Storage Market

Stalling of the world’s PC market led to weakening of the global demand for DRAMs. With emerging applications like telematics and wearables future of the worldwide memory industry seems to be relatively bright, and China has good chances to become the number one player. Meanwhile, the demand for cloud storage is still on the rise, with companies being increasingly dependent on Internet. A volume of data generated by enterprises grows at a very fast pace, thus driving growth of the market for cloud storage. But issues related to privacy and data security challenge this growth. Learn more on the global data storage marketplace from reports available in the Market Publishers’ Data Storage Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue.

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